The 1.04 update for Elden Ring has finally added the conclusion to Patches’ quest – here’s how you can finish the questline!

Patches is a notorious character throughout almost all of FromSoftware’s games, Elden Ring included. Unfortunately, he is just as untrustworthy when you find him in the Lands Between.

While Patches had a whole questline in Elden Ring that involved the mysterious Volcano Manor, it remained unfinished. Until now, that is.

As part of the huge 1.04 update for Elden Ring, FromSoftware has finally added the conclusion to Pacthes’ questline.

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Here’s how you can finish the Patches quest in Elden Ring!

But first, make sure you’ve completed every major quest in Elden Ring! These will give you access to some powerful rewards and even some of the different Elden Ring endings.

How to Complete Patches Quest in Elden Ring – Questline Conclusion

Getting to the conclusion of Patches’ questline in Elden Ring requires heading back to where it all started – Murkwater Cave.

  • First, you need to follow our guide on how to complete the Patches questline in Elden Ring. This will take you up to the furthest point before the 1.04 patch added the ending.
  • Once you have given Tanith the Dancer’s Castanets, head to Murkwater Cave in Limgrave.
  • Go through the cave and pass through the doorway to the boss room.
  • Open the chest, and Patches will ambush you like the first time you encountered him.
  • However, Patches will recognize you while you are fighting and surrender. This will give you the Patches’ Crouch emote. It isn’t the best reward but can be fun if you enjoy trolling players in Elden Ring PvP!
  • Finally, speak to Patches and exhaust his dialogue. When you return, he will have reopened his shop.
Elden Ring Murkwater Cave Site of Grace

And that’s how you finish the Patches questline in Elden Ring. It might not be the exciting end that many players had been hoping for but, in a way, making you fall for the same ambush again is exactly what we should have expected from Patches!

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