If you’re a fan of Sorcery in Elden Ring, you need to get your hands on the Meteorite Staff ASAP. Thankfully, it’s perfectly possible in the early game.

Elden Ring isn’t the type of game to hold your hand at all. As such, there are many gamers who don’t know how to get hold of the best early game staff that Elden Ring has to offer.

There are tons of hidden weapons, spells, and items that can easily go unfound in Elden Ring. Sometimes missing a key item can really hinder your experience too, putting you in a weakened state for the next boss encounter.

For example, missing just one of Elden Ring’s many Golden Seed locations will mean you have one Flask fewer than you should!

Meteorite Staff - Best Early Game Sorcery Weapon

Plus, you shouldn’t miss out on the Legendary Sword of Night and Flame in Elden Ring either. Along with the Meteorite Staff, this is one of the best weapons in the game to have by your side early on.

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Where to Find the Meteorite Staff in Elden Ring

You can find the Meteorite Staff in the Swamp of Aeonia in Caelid. What’s so great about the Meteorite Staff is that it has an S rank in Intelligence scaling.

Therefore, expect it to perform better than the average weapons when it comes to your Sorceries.

Meteorite Staff in Elden Ring
  • To get started, head to the Dragonburnt ruins, an area directly to the East (and very close by) to the Elden Ring starting area.
  • Kill the undead in the ruins, and head down the steps.
  • Here you’ll have a dark room filled with giant rats to take out too.
  • Open the nearby door and there will be a room containing a chest. When opened, this chest will teleport you to Sellia Crystal Tunnel.
  • Run down further into the tunnel and head right, dropping down to the nearby Site of Grace.
  • Then, leave the Sellia Crystal Tunnel using the nearby doorway and head directly South-West. You’ll need your horse in Elden Ring for best results as it’s quite the journey.
  • After traveling through the Swamp of Aeonia you’ll find a series of ruins. The final structure to the West will contain a couple of deadly plants.
  • Kill those quickly and you’ll see an item on a dead body which reveals itself to be the Meteorite Staff.
  • Also to the North slightly, still in the same ruins, you’ll find the Rock Sling spell, a great addition to the staff.

What’s great about the Meteorite Staff besides its Int-scaling is the fact that it also boosts the power of Gravity spells such as Rock Sling! There’s a reason we’re labeling it one of Elden Ring’s must-have items.

Now that you’ve got an incredible Sorcery weapon, don’t miss finding Comet Azur, one of Elden Ring’s best spells!

And why not use this simple trick to gain 74,000 Runes easily to make sure your Intelligence is as high as possible?

Meteorite Staff Location in Elden Ring

You should also look to get more Focus Points in Elden Ring to keep the magic attacks coming!

Thanks to Arekkz Gaming for this video guide on finding the Meteorite Staff in Elden Ring. Check it out below:

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