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Elden Ring: How to Find D’s Brother

Elden Ring is filled with interesting NPC’s for you to interact with. But, in typical FromSoftware fashion, it’s not easy to find them all. Here’s how you can find D’s Brother in Elden Ring and advance your questlines!

With an unorthodox approach to its storyline, it’s completely possible to miss out on some of Elden Ring’s less obvious adventures. In doing so, you’re also forfeiting the chance to obtain some impressive loot!

And for the completionists amongst us, missing anything in a FromSoftware game can be extremely frustrating. One such quest objective that you may miss involves finding an NPC related to D, Hunter of the Dead.

As part of D (and Fia’s) questline, you have to find D’s brother and wake him from the deep sleep that imprisons him.

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D Hunter of the Dead Sitting

Where to Find D’s Brother in Elden Ring

D’s brother is located in Nokron, The Eternal City, an area only made accessible to you after defeating a certain boss – General Radahn. He’s a tough one, so check out our guide for tips on how to bring him down!

Radahn’s death will trigger a falling meteorite (yes, he’s that powerful) which will crash into Nokron, opening up the wall and creating an access point!

Some good news: Killing Radahn is also required for another quest, which rewards you with the legendary Moonlight Greatsword!

Elden Ring Aqueduct Location
Location of Siofra Aqueduct

Where to Go Next in Nokron

Once you head through the hidden entrance to Nokron, Eternal City, you’ll need to head towards the Siofra Aqueduct.

Then, look out for a balcony with a person sitting on it. That’s D’s brother! His place of rest will be near the Mist Gate. Approach and interact with him, then it’s time to work on waking him up.

How to Wake Up D’s Brother

You require D’s Twinned Armor to wake his brother up. This armor can be obtained by killing D upon meeting him. However, this will, of course, lock you out of his quest.

Alternatively, continue on with D & Fia’s stories within the Roundtable Hold, and – without spoiling anything here – the armor will find its way into your possession.

And that’s everything you need to know about finding and waking up D’s brother in Elden Ring. Good luck on your journey in the Lands Between!

The Lands Between are vast, so you’ll want to unlock every Site of Grace in Elden Ring to make fast-traveling a breeze!

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