Key Points
Completion Time:
2+ Hours considering 20 minutes per boss and most Sites of Grace unlocked
Magma Shot Sorcery
Serpentbone Blade
Taker’s Cameo Talisman
Consort’s Armor Set
Aspect of the Crucible: Breath Incantation

Here’s how you can complete the Volcano Manor assassination contracts in Elden Ring along with Tanith’s quest!

Elden Ring has plenty of interesting characters to find, and many of them give you various tasks to complete. Some even have whole questlines!

One of the most important side quests in Elden Ring has to do with the mysterious Volcano Manor. Should you choose to join the manor, you’ll have to complete some assassination contracts for Tanith!

Here’s how you can complete the Volcano Manor and Tanith questline in Elden Ring!

But first, you’ll need some powerful armaments to complete the assassination contracts. Here are the Top 10 Best Weapons in Elden Ring!

Tanith Elden Ring

How to Complete Volcano Manor Quest, Assassination Contracts & Tanith Questline in Elden Ring

To complete Tanith’s questline at the Volcano Manor in Elden Ring, you need to complete a series of assassination requests. Follow these instructions to get each request and complete this quest:

  • First, you need to know how to climb Mt. Gelmir and get to Volcano Manor.
  • Once you’re in the manor, speak to Tanith, who is sitting down in a chair in the main room.
  • Agree to join Volcano manor, and you’ll get the Drawing Room Key. This will let you enter the rooms with the other NPCs like Rya and Diallos.
  • Pick up the letter on the table in the largest room located in the hallway next to Tanith to start the first assassination contract.

Volcano Manor Request 1: Old Knight Istvan

Volcano Manor Request Istvan Location
  • The first contract in the Volcano Manor quest is to defeat Old Knight Istvan near the bridge in Stormhill. His location will be marked in red on your map, and you can begin the fight by touching the red summon sign on the ground.
  • Once you have defeated him, head back to Tanith to get the Magma Shot and pick up the second letter on the table.

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Volcano Manor Request 2: Rileigh the Idle

Volcano Manor Request Rileigh Location
  • The second Volcano Manor quest contract tasks you with killing Rileigh the Idle in Altus Plateau, just north of Old Altus Tunnel.
  • After assassinating them, once again return to Tanith. This time she will give you the Serpentbone Blade.
  • Now, pick up the Red Letter from the table. This is your final assassination contract.
  • You can also speak to Bernahl to get an optional assassination contract in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

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Volcano Manor Request 3: Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood

Volcano Manor Request Juno Hoslow Location
  • For the final assassination in the Volcano Manor quest, you first need to know how to get to Mountaintops of the Giants in Elden Ring.
  • Then, head to the Shack of the Lofty. You can get here from the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace by heading north and taking the path to the left. This location is also close to the shortcut to Consecrated Snowfield, to defeat the final target Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood.
  • After Killing Juno Hoslow, head back to Tanith. She will give you the Taker’s Cameo – a powerful Talisman which is part of the best Vampire build in Elden Ring!
Rykard Elden Ring

Volcano Manor Quest Ending & Tanith Questline Conclusion

  • The final part of the quest, Tanith will ask you if you want to meet the lord of Volcano Manor.
  • Agreeing will teleport you to the Site of Grace just before the Rykard boss fight.
  • Beat the boss, Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, and then return to Tanith and speak to her.
  • Finally, if you return to the boss arena where you fought Rykard, you will find Tanith feasting on his corpse.
  • Kill Tanith and then her bodyguard to get the Consort’s armor set as well as the Aspect of the Crucible: Breath Incantation.

Killing Rykard will also let you continue the Jar Bairn questline after Diallos moves to Jarburg!

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