If you want to complete all major quests in Elden Ring, you have to finish Rya’s questline!

Missing parts or even complete questlines in Elden Ring is a common occurrence. As usual with FromSoftware games, their lore and story hide behind NPCs and complex quests.

Players are often used to this. But, even with enough preparation, some Elden Ring quests are beyond the usual intricacy level expected from a Soulslike.

More often than not, you will find yourself needing additional resources to track quests. Call it some old-fashioned pen and paper or an online guide, help in Elden Ring is almost necessary.

Rya’s questline in Elden Ring is no exception to this rule, and we’ve got you covered with all the help you need to complete her story!

Rya First Encounter

How to Complete Rya’s Questline in Elden Ring – Locations & Guide

1. Find Rya

You can find Rya in the pavilion located next to the Scenic Isle Site of Grace in Liurnia of the Lakes. If you have not visited Liurnia of the Lakes yet, you can skip Stormveil Castle to get to this location.

Follow these steps to start Rya’s quest:

  • The Scenic Isle Site of Grace is located in the southern part of the lake. You can easily find it by following the path marked by the grace from the very first Site of Grace you visit in this area.
  • As you speak with Rya*, she will offer you to hear her request. As her dialogue goes on, select the “Hear the request” option when prompted.

*Note: If you have already spoken with Tanith at Volcano Manor before speaking with Rya in this location, you might have already skipped this quest entirely.

Elden Ring Scenic Isle Site of Grace Map

2. Get Rya’s Necklace & Receive the Volcano Manor Invitation

After you speak with Rya, she will request your help to get her necklace back. Find it by following these instructions:

  • You can find Rya’s necklace at the Boilprawn Shack in Liurnia of the Lakes after speaking with the Blackguard Big Boggart in this location.
  • Select the “Give me the necklace” dialogue option as you speak with him. After this, you can purchase the necklace from him for 1000 runes.
  • You can also fight this NPC for the necklace. Although Blackguard has its own questline, so this is not recommended.
  • Once you have the necklace, return to Rya’s location and give it to her. After this, exhaust her dialogue options to get the Volcano Manor Invitation.

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Elden Ring Boilprawn Shack Rya Quesline

3. Find Rya in Altus Plateau & Speak With Tanith

After you return Rya’s necklace, you can *find her in two locations in Altus Plateau, depending on how you access this location:

  • At the top of the Grand Lift of Dectus
  • Near the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace, in the Lux Ruins

Here is everything you need to know about accessing Altus Plateau. This guide includes both ways of getting to Altus Plateau, so you can choose which route works better for you!

Follow these steps once you find Rya once again:

  • Talk to her and let her transport you to Volcano Manor by choosing the “Take Rya’s hand” dialogue option.
  • Once you arrive at the Volcano Manor, speak with Tanith and select the “Join Volcano Manor” dialogue option.

*Note: If you can not find Rya at any of the locations above, you can go directly to the Volcano Manor and continues the quest by speaking with Tanith. Here is every step you need to take to get to the Volcano Manor.

Rya Questline Volcano Manor Elden Ring

4. Get the First Target Request at Volcano Manor & Defeat Old Knight Istvan

Once at the Volcano Manor, follow these steps:

  • After speaking with Tanith at Volcano Manor, she will hand you the Drawing-Room Key. Use this key to open the second door to the left of the hallway connected to Tanith’s room.
  • Here, you will find Rya once again. You can talk to her until you exhaust her dialogue.
  • On the table in the room where Rya is located, you will see an item with a purplish glow. Pick this item up to get the Letter from Volcano Manor. This letter is a Target Request that marks the location of Old Knight Istvan on your map.
  • Fast travel to the Warmaster’s Shack in north Limgrave to get to the mark on your map.
  • Interact with the red Summon Sign and defeat Old Knight Istvan to get the Scaled Armor and return to Volcano Manor.
Old Knight Istvan Location Elden Ring

5. Get the Second Target Request & Defeat Rileigh the Idle

Continue with the quests in Volcano Manor:

  • As soon as you return to Volcano Manor, speak with Tanith to get the Magma Shot Incantation as a reward. Sit at the Site of Grace in the manor to reload the area.
  • You should now be able to open the second door to the right in the hallway connected to the chamber where Tanith is located.
  • Go inside this room and meet Rya in her proper form, Zorayas The Serpent Born. Exhaust her dialogue and proceed to speak with Tanith.
  • Select the dialogue option “Zorayas’s Form” when speaking with Tanith. After this, go to the room where you picked up the first Target Request and pick up the second one from the same table.
  • You should now see the mark of the target on your map. The next target is Rileigh the Idle, located in the northern area of the Altus Plateau.
  • You can get to this location by fast traveling to the Grand Lift of Dectus Site of Grace and following the ravine up north.
  • Once again, interact with the red Summon Sign and defeat Rileigh the Idle to get the Crepus’s Vial Talisman. Return to the Volcano Manor.

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Rileigh the Idle Location Elden Ring

6. Get to the Prison Town Church

Your next step is getting to Prison Town Church:

  • Once you are back at Volcano Manor, speak with Tanith once again to report you have defeated Rileigh. As a reward, she will give you the Serpentbone Blade. As well, now she will reveal who is the true ruler of the manor.
  • Sit at the Site of Grace to reload the game, and go to Rya’s room to speak with her.
  • At this point of Rya’s questline in Elden Ring, she would be present in her human form. Exhaust her dialogue, and she will hint at a hidden area in the manor.
  • Go to the first room to the right in the hallway and hit the illusory wall located in the right corner of this room to reveal a hidden path.
  • Continue this path until you reach the Prison Town Church Site of Grace. There are several enemies on the way, so beware. Once here, open the doors on the opposite side of the Church.
Prison Town Church Location Elden Ring

7. Get to the Guest Hall Site of Grace

Before heading to the Guest Hall Site of Grace, follow these steps:

  • After opening the Prison Town Church, return to Rya and speak with her. As you talk with her, select the “Tell her of the dark side of Volcano Manor” dialogue option.
  • Right after speaking with Rya, go to the main room and talk with Tanith until you exhaust her dialogue. Now, fast travel to the Prison Town Church Site of Grace.

From this point, continue traveling toward the door you recently opened. Taking this path to the right will eventually lead you to the Guest Hall Site of Grace.

Guest Hall Location in Elden Ring

Getting to this location is somewhat tricky. Here is how you can get to the Guest Hall:

  • As soon as you exit the door, take the road to the right, where there is a Summoning Pool.
  • Continue this path through some rooftops. Once you reach the ledge, jump to the rooftop on the right side.
  • Drop down, take the staircase, and take the road to the left. You should see a serpent enemy in front of a door.
  • Do not get inside this door! Instead, take the tiny stairs to the left and climb the ladder right in front of them.
  • Right after you climb the ladder, you will see a turret on the rooftop of this building. Get around the turret until you see the opening and jump inside.
  • As soon as you land, you should see a doorway with a red banner on the side, follow this road and take the stairs down.
  • Take the door to the left and continue this path until you reach a room with three doorways. The Guest Hall Site of Grace is on the door to the right.
Guest Hall Site of Grace Elden Ring

8. Reach the Temple of Eiglay & Defeat Godskin Noble Boss

The road to the Temple of Eiglay is not long, but the area is somewhat open, and you can easily get lost.

Here is how to get to the Temple of Eiglay to advance in Rya’s questline in Elden Ring:

  • After you exit the room of the Guest Hall Site of Grace, take the door that has metal bars on both walls surrounding it and leads to an open area with magma all around.
  • Drop down to a safe area surrounded by magma.
  • Continue traveling north, passing some slugs and an angel serpent statue, and jump into a rooftop.
  • Take the left side of the rooftop, continue this road, jump into a circular rooftop and climb up the narrow roof path. Be careful with the enemy at the end of this narrow section.
  • After reaching the end of the narrow path, jump to the left side, where there is a small arena with a serpent enemy.
  • Take the elevator on the left side of the arena and once you reach the top level, take the stairs up. There is a strong enemy here on these stairs, so be extra careful.
  • Before going through the main door guarded by two angel serpent statues, head through the small passage to the left near one of the statues and activate this lever. Activating this lever creates a bridge that grants a shortcut leading to the Prison Town Church.
  • Now, heal and get ready! As soon as you enter the room guarded by the two angel serpent statues, you will be at the Temple of Eiglay. At this location, you have to defeat the Godskin Noble boss.

Defeat the Godskin Noble boss to receive the Godskin Stitcher and Noble Presence Incantation as rewards.

After defeating it, rest at the Site of Grace and pick up the Serpent’s Amnion located on the temple’s altar.

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Temple of Eiglay Map Elden Ring

9. Get the Tonic of Forgetfulness

Here is how you can get the Tonic of Forgetfulness in Volcano Manor:

  • Return to Rya and talk with her at Volcano Manor. While progressing to her dialogue, select the “Give Serpent’s Amnion” option.
  • Rest at a Site of Grace to reload the area, and Rya should now be at her following location. As soon as this happens, speak with Tanith and when prompted, select the “Zorayas’s absence” option.
  • After this, speak with Tanith a second time. After a few lines of dialogue, she will give you the Tonic of Forgetfulness and ask you to deliver it to Rya.
Tonic of Forgetfulness Tanith Elden Ring

10. Find Rya at Her New Location

This is how you can find Rya at her new location:

  • Fast travel to the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace.
  • Use the lift on the southeast side of the temple.
  • Continue this path, and as soon as you see a Summoning Pool below, jump down to this area.
  • Follow the path and jump to the left path below, right after some lava slugs.
  • Continue this path, and you should soon see what seems to be a tower sunken in the lava after a narrow path.
  • Follow the narrow path, and you should soon face a maiden. There should be a window opening on the side of the tower past the maiden. Jump through this opening.
  • Leave this room through the door, defeat or pass the serpent enemy and take the stairs up.
  • Take the right arch doorway that leads to a small bridge.
  • Go to the upper-left corner of the bridge. You should see a small portion of safe ground surrounded by the lava below. Carefully land on this area and, this step is quite essential, defeat the maiden in front of you! If you do not defeat this enemy, it is likely to kill Rya, who is inside the room next to where you landed.
  • After defeating this maiden, get inside the room next to where you landed, and you should find Rya here.

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Rya Location Prison Church

11. Choose Your Path in Rya’s Elden Ring Questline

Once you find Rya, you can choose how you want to progress in this quest. There are three possible outcomes depending on how you manage this next meeting with Rya.

After interacting with her, Rya tells you she wants you to end her life. Once this dialogue ends, these are the three options you have:

  • Kill Rya at this point, end the quest early, and get the Daedicar’s Woe Talisman as a reward. This Talisman increases the damage you take. (Most tragic ending)
  • Talk to her once again and give her the Tonic of Forgetfulness. This will continue her quest to a certain extent, and you can get the Deadicar’s Woe Talisman later on.
  • Talk to her, avoid giving her the Tonic of Forgetfulness, and leave her alive. After some extra steps, you will find the Deadicar’s Woe Talisman and Zorayas’ Letter in this location. (Least tragic ending)

This guide will continue assuming you chose either the second or third option on the list above.

Rya Questline Elden Ring Ending

12. Get the Red Letter

Follow these steps to get the Red Letter:

  • After choosing what path you are taking in Rya’s questline in Elden Ring, return to the Volcano Manor.
  • Visit the room with the table where you picked up the previous Target Requests.
  • At this point, you should see another item on this table. Pick it up to get the Red Letter. This letter marks the location of Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood, on your map.
  • Juno Hoslow is located in Mountaintops of the Giants, your next location in this quest.
Red Letter Volcano Manor Elden Ring

13. Get to Mountaintops of the Giants

Getting to Mountaintops of the Giants is no easy task; it will take time and facing one of the main Demi-God bosses of the game to get there.

This is a brief explanation of how to reach Mountaintops of the Giants:

  • You need two Great Runes, ideally from Godrick the Grafted and the one from Rennala Queen of the Full Moon.
  • Traverse Leyndell Royal Capital.
  • Defeat Morgott the Omen King. Here is the best strategy to defeat Morgott the Omen King in Elden Ring.
  • At this point, Melina will give you the Rold Medallion, so you can activate the Grand Lift of Rold to reach Mountaintops of the Giants.

There are many pending details in this list, but fear not! Here is a full walkthrough on how to reach Mountaintops of the Giants!

Grand Lift of Rold Elden Ring

14. Defeat Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood

Here is how to find Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood, in Mountaintops of the Giants:

  • Once you reach Mountaintops of the Giants, you can travel north until you reach the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace.
  • From this Site of Grace, you can travel north you reach a split path. From here, take the road to the west until you reach the mark on your map where Juno Hoslow is located.
  • Pro-tip: Juno Hoslow’s red summon sign is slightly to the east from the Shack of the Lofty.
  • To fight Juno Hoslow, interact with the red summon sign and defeat it. After defeating this enemy, you will receive the Hoslow Armor and the Hoslow’s Petal Whip.
  • Once again, return to Volcano Manor after your victory.

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Juno Hoslow Elden Ring Location Mountaintops of the Giants

15. Defeat the Lord of Volcano Manor

Once you are back to the Volcano Manor, speak to Tanith. She will give you the Taker’s Cameo Talisman as a reward for defeating Juno Hoslow.

At this point, Tanith will offer you to see the Lord of Volcano Manor. Before accepting her request, it is ideal to complete Patches and Recusant Bernahl’s requests.

If you want to complete these quests, simply select the “Don’t see the Lord” dialogue option while speaking with Tanith.

You can find both of these NPCs inside the Volcano Manor. Completing their requests will reward you with the following items:

Once you have finished or decided to skip these requests, you can speak with Tanith and select the “See the Lord” option from her dialogue.

This will transport you to the arena where you will face the God-Devouring Serpent, which second stage in battle is Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy.

Pro-Tip: Before proceeding to this battle arena, there is a weapon on the left, the Serpent-Hunter. If you have the right attributes, equip and use this weapon for this boss fight. It will make it a lot more manageable.

Defeating the Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy will reward you with the Remembrance of the Blasphemous.

You can exchange this Remembrance at the Roundtable Hold for Rykard’s Rancor Sorcery or the Blasphemous Blade.

God Devouring Serpent Volcano Manor Tanith Conversation

16. Meet with Rya and End Her Questline in Elden Ring

After defeating Rykard, go to the last location where you found Rya. At this point, you will have the last chance to give her the Tonic of Forgetfulness.

These are the three possible outcomes of Rya’s questline in Elden Ring at this point:

  • Kill Rya:
    • Kill Rya and collect the Daedicar’s Woe Talisman as a reward.
  • Don’t give the Tonic of Forgetfulness to Rya:
    • Choose the “Don’t give it” dialogue option.
    • Proceed to reload the area by resting on a Site of Grace or quitting and loading the game.
    • Return to the location where you found Rya and collect the Daedicar’s Woe Talisman and Zorayas’s Letter
  • Give the Tonic of Forgetfulness to Rya:
    • Choose the “Give Tonic of Forgetfulness” dialogue option.
    • Fast travel to Volcano Manor and speak with every NPC.
    • Reload the area. Every NPC should now be gone from Volcano Manor.
    • Find Rya at her usual spot in Volcano Manor and exhaust her dialogue.
    • Reload the area once again and collect the Daedicar’s Woe Talisman where Rya used to be.

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Rya Quesline Ending Elden Ring

After a long grind, you should now have completed Rya’s questline in Elden Ring!

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