Here’s how you can complete the Diallos’ questline and get the Hoslow’s Petal Whip and Diallos’ Mask in Elden Ring!

Diallos is a character you’ll come across pretty early in Elden Ring when visiting Roundtable Hold. However, his quest will take you to much further reaches of the Lands Between.

You’ll definitely want to complete it too as finishing this questline awards you with Hoslow’s Petal Whip and Diallos’ Mask.

Here’s how you can finish Diallos’ Quest in Elden Ring and get these great rewards!

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Elden Ring Diallos

How to Complete Diallos’ Quest + Get Hoslow’s Petal Whip & Diallos’s Mask in Elden Ring

  • To start the questline, you’ll need to speak to Diallos in Roundtable Hold. He will tell you about his missing servant Lanya.
  • Next, head northwest of the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace to find Diallos standing over Lanya’s body.
Elden Ring Diallos Lanya Location Map
Elden Ring Jarburg Map
  • Once you’ve done this, Diallos will appear in a small shack in Jarburg – go to speak to him and then let some time pass by traveling away and coming back.
  • Then, you’ll need to exhaust all of Diallos and Jar Bairn’s dialogue before traveling back and forward a couple of times to advance time.
  • Eventually, you will come to Jarburg and find that a poacher has visited and smashed some of the jars. What’s more, Diallos is injured on the ground, having defended Jarburg.
  • Speak to Diallos and tell him that he defended the jars.
  • Leave Jarburg and pass some time. When you return to where you last saw Diallos, you will find Hoslow’s Petal Whip, Diallos’s Mask, and a Numen’s Rune on the ground.

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And that’s how you complete Diallos’ questline in Elden Ring. You’ll want to do this as soon as you can to get the great rewards!

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Additionally, thanks to Games From Mars for their walkthrough of the Diallos and Jar-Bairn quests below:

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