FromSoftware usually offer at least a cryptic hint of what to do next in their games. Not always though, so here’s how you can break into the glowing statues in Elden Ring and claim the prize inside!

Despite having the power to slay literal Gods, some things are just too tough for an Elden Lord to conquer. That includes the statues scattered around the Lands Between, featuring a blue glow emitting from a large crack.

It’s clear to any seasoned gamer that these statues contain something you want to get your hands on. But, what’s not clear is how to crack them open. Here’s how you can do it!

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Elden Ring Glowing Statue

Known Glowing Statue Locations

Here’s where we know you can find breakable statues in Elden Ring:

  • Stormveil Castle – Likely the first glowing statue you’ll find, this one is in the courtyard near the ogre-like Omen.
  • Sealed Tunnel, Altus Plateau – On the lowest level of the mining pit, below the wooden platforms.
  • Mt. Gelmir – Beyond the Lava Lake, near the Runebear that ambushes you.
  • Lands Between Wilderness – There are several statues strewn around the open plains of Elden Ring’s world.

Now, here’s how you can break them open!

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Elden Ring Statue Stormveil Castle

How to Break the Glowing Statues in Elden Ring

Puzzles in Elden Ring tend to fall into at least one of two categories: Mind-bendingly complex, or life-threateningly dangerous. These statues are a little bit of both.

That’s because you can not break them yourself, but instead, need to lure a large enemy type into smashing it for you.

This is not always obvious. In fact, you may figure it out, only for the game to make you think you’re wrong.

Take the Stormveil Castle statue, for example. The Omen enemy is a big guy. You’d think he’d be able to crush this statue like a bug.

But you’d be wrong. He’s just not strong enough. The good news is, his buddy around the corner definitely is.

For this particular statue, head up the stairs and kill the deadly birds. Then, around where you first meet Nepheli Loux, you’ll find a giant Troll. He’s right before the Godrick fog gate.

Take out his entourage then get his attention.

Now you need to run back to the statue, ensuring he’s hot on your tail. Entice him towards the statue and get him to smash it to pieces. Now kill him and take what’s inside.

This is the method you’ll need to use for each statue. So, if you find one, be aware that a giant enemy is nearby!

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Elden Ring Tarnished v Golem

What’s Inside Elden Ring Glowing Statues?

Once you’ve cracked the statues open, you can grab your loot. Each statue holds Smithing Stones, used to upgrade your weapons!

The Sealed Tunnel statue is confirmed to contain Smithing Stone [6], which is one of the rarer varieties. It’s also used to upgrade one of the best Dexterity weapons in the game, The Bloodhound’s Fang!

So that’s another Elden Ring secret solved. Found any more glowing statues? Let us know in the comments!

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