Elden Ring players have already found a few ways to boost frame rate and stop FPS drops on PC – here’s how to do it!

Finally, Elden Ring is here, and it might have even surpassed all of the hopes and expectations of fans.

Not only has it gotten near-perfect review scores across the board, but the scores on Opencritic label Elden Ring as one of the best games of all time! However, players still have had a couple of issues so far, mostly to do with performance.

Luckily, fans have found some easy workarounds to boost frame rate and stop FPS drops in the PC version of Elden Ring.

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Best Ways to Boost FPS and Stop Frame Rate Stuttering in Elden Ring

There are 4 easy methods that you can use to boost your FPS in Elden Ring in the best way possible. Try one at a time and move on to the next one if the option you tried did not work on your system.

  1. Make sure you are using the best PC settings for Elden Ring. These settings will hopefully fix most of the issues you have with the frame rate in the game.
  2. Set Elden Ring Game graphics options to High Performance on your Windows PC:
    • Tap the Windows key on your keyboard and type “graphics”
    • Click on the option “Graphics Settings”
    • Select “Desktop App” on the “Add an app” dropdown
    • Click on “Browse”
    • For this step, you want to select the executable file for Elden Ring (eldenring.exe), which you can normally find in these paths:
      • Default Path: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ELDENRING\Game”
      • Custom Installation Path: “Disc:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ELDEN RING\Game”
    • Once you have located the file, click “Add”
    • Elden Ring should now be on the Graphics list, click “Options”
    • Select “High Performance” and finally click on “Save”
  3. Set the Shader Cache Size to Unlimited on the NVIDIA Control Panel (For NVIDIA GPU users only):
    • Tap the Windows key on your keyboard and type “Nvidia Control Panel”
    • Under 3D Settings on the menu bar to the left, click “Manage 3D Settings”
    • Search for “Shader Cache Size” on the Global Settings tab on the right
    • Once you find it on this list, click the Setting option next to the words “Shader Cache Size,” this should activate a dropdown list with options
    • Select “Unlimited” from the dropdown
    • Close the NVIDIA Control Panel window
  4. Disable the Microsoft Device Association Root Enumerator:
    • Press the Windows Key + X
    • Select “Device Manager”
    • Once the Device Manager window opens, click on the small arrow next to the “Software devices” option on the list
    • Right-click on “Microsoft Device Association Root Enumerator”
    • Select “Disable device”
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Some of these solutions may sound complicated, but it’s definitely worth it to get the best frame rate and stop FPS drops in the PC version of Elden Ring!

Unfortunately, it isn’t just PC that is having frame rate issues. Here’s how to optimize your FPS in Elden Ring on PS5 & Xbox Series X.


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