If you’re taking on the Red Wolf of Radagon, here’s exactly what you need to do to beat the Elden Ring boss with ease.

The Red Wolf of Radagon is one of Elden Ring’s 12 mandatory boss fights, and it’s one that you’ll need to beat to progress in Raya Lucaria Academy.

In addition, a Lesser Red Wolf of Radagon appears in South-West Liurnia of the Lakes, West of Deep Ainsel Well, and North of Chelona’s Rise. Knowing how to take down the boss fight with ease is essential to beating all three opponents.

Elden Ring Academia of Raya Lucaria

Normally we’d recommend using this easy technique to beat ANY Elden Ring boss! However, one of the items you need isn’t available at this point in the game – be sure to seek it out afterward.

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Best Strategy to Beat Red Wolf of Radagon in Elden Ring

  • First, it’s essential to make sure you’ve collected all these Golden Seeds in Elden Ring, to give yourself the maximum amount of Flasks.
  • Next, don’t forget to upgrade your Spirit Ash Summons as you can make use of one in this fight to great effect.
  • Be sure to watch out for the Red Wolf’s sword attacks, these are the most telegraphed moves the boss has to offer.
  • When the Wolf leaps into the air, it will hang there for a second before plummeting down into a sword swipe. This move will be your best friend, as you can simply roll towards the boss for a couple of easy strikes.

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Red Wolf of Radagon Sword Slash
  • On the other hand, when the Red Wolf uses a sword on the ground, it can swipe either one or two times. Be wary of attacking until the second swipe is over.
  • Finally, the Red Wolf of Radagon can also use a sword-based spin, and will not hesitate to use it if you’re close. The attack can be rolled through but the timing is a little tight since it spins more than 360 degrees – we recommend rolling away instead.
  • When the boss uses his magic dagger attack, get as far away as possible so that you can dodge them with a single roll.
  • In fact, being far away is a good strategy in this fight, even for melee fighters. This is because the Red Wolf will often use its leaping sword slash from range, which makes for an easy punish.
  • Don’t get greedy and you’ll find this boss fight soon becomes one of the easiest in the game!

As a reward for your efforts, you’ll receive a new Memory Stone for beating the Red Wolf of Radagon. This key item lets you equip more spells at once, including this insanely powerful incantation for bleed builds!

Once you’re done with the Red Wolf, why not track down some of the Elden Ring Legendary Armaments? The best weapons in the game are just waiting for you to find them!

Thanks to YouTuber Tyrannicon for this video guide to beating the Red Wolf of Radagon in Elden Ring below:

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