Beating Radagon of the Golden Order and its later form, Elden Beast, is no easy feat on Elden Ring!

Elden Ring is famous for its ruthless boss battles. As with all Soulslikes, you usually explore intricated areas before facing a challenging battle against the area boss.

Even with this high level of skill, these games are pretty addictive. Recently, news spread of a gamer who has already completed the Elden Ring 100 times!

Another trait that Elden Ring retains from other Soulslikes is that bosses considerably scale in difficulty the closer you get to endgame content.

This is particularly true with Radagon of the Golden Order and the Elden Beast, which are hard to beat unless you have the right strategy.

Radagon Boss Fight Elden Ring

Best Strategy to Defeat Radagon of the Golden Order & Elden Beast

Where to find Radagon of the Golden Order & Elden Beast

You can find Radagon of the Golden Order and the Elden Beast on the Elden Throne in Leyndell, Ashen Capital. You can get to this location after the events in Crumbling Farum Azula.

You can enter Radagon of the Golden Order’s area by crossing the glowing veil after defeating Hoarah Loux, Warrior.

Radagon Arena Elden Ring

Tips to Defeat Radagon of the Golden Order & Elden Beast in Elden Ring

Radagon of the Golden Order has two stages, but its second stage is an entirely different boss called the Elden Beast. The strategy for each of these bosses is altogether different.

This is one of the most demanding battles in the whole game. If you feel you need some extra levels, there is an excellent place to farm runes by the endgame of Elden Ring.

Radagon Damage Strategy

  • If you are doing this boss solo, consider using the Black Knife Tiche Ashes. Additionally, if your build has enough Faith, you might want to use the Lord’s Divine Fortification or Divine Fortification Incantations to avoid Holy damage.
  • As he swings his hammer back, this indicates a minor area attack if it glows. Radagon crushes the hammer on the ground, releasing gold dust and waiting for it to explode. This is the perfect opening to stack some damage.
  • You can break Radagon poise in Elden Ring up to three times during this battle; use this window to your advantage to land as much damage as possible.
  • Summon a friend for help if needed!

After Radagon, you will be at the end of Elden Ring. These are some collectibles and quests you might want to complete before finishing the game:

Radagon Attacks to Avoid

  • Whenever Radagon does a backswing, it is almost guaranteed he will follow up with another swing. Make sure to dodge two times!
  • After this boss’ HP lowers below 50%, it will start using randomized Incantations and teleporting all around the arena. If Radagon teleports right in front of you, immediately roll back to avoid explosive damage.
  • During this last stage, Radagon has a very powerful grab. If this attack lands, it is almost a guaranteed one-hit KO. As soon as Radagon raises its arm and starts glowing, stay close to him and immediately start running to the right. The boss will try to follow you to grab you; as soon as it starts falling behind, roll to avoid the grab.
  • As for incantations, you can dodge most of them. You can figure out one is coming as Radagan stops moving its hammer arm for a second before an incantation. As well, this boss can sometimes jump and attack with ranged incantations, which can be dodged by rolling.
  • In essence, Radagon is not particularly resistant to most attacks; you can cause a ton of damage with ranged attacks or good heavy thrusting swords. But, do not get greedy, a couple of hammer hits or Radagon’s grab can end this boss fight before you can defeat him.
Radagon Hammer Attack Elden Ring

Elden Beast Fight Strategy

  • As soon as this boss fight starts, run towards the Elden Beast and cause as much damage as possible from the get-go. This boss will take a few seconds to react and start attacking, so this is the perfect opportunity to land some hits.
  • If you are playing this boss fight solo, using the Mimic Tear Spirit Ash is a great idea. Also, if your Faith allows it, you might want to use the Lord’s Divine Fortification or Divine Fortification Incantations to avoid Holy damage.
  • Elden Beast as a breath area attack. As soon as it starts doing this, run behind it to avoid it. As well, since you are already behind this boss, it is a great chance to land a couple of hits.
  • The sword swipes of this boss are easily dodged by rolling.
  • Once Elden Beast sticks its sword into the ground, try to get behind it as fast as possible to avoid damage from this area attack. Again, this also leaves it vulnerable for you to get in some damage.
  • This boss can get airborne and cast a ring attack. If you see one golden ring around you shrinking, immediately run towards the edge, jump over the shrinking ring and continue running until you are outside the range of the outer ring.
  • Often, Elden Beast follows up this ring attacks with a cloud of explosive dust, similar to the one Astel Naturalborn of the Void uses.
  • Once Elden Beast’s sword starts glowing, it will begin to attack and shoot rune arcs at you aggressively. Dodge the sword swipes as usual, and you can roll through the rune arcs.
  • If the boss emerges from the water glowing and starts getting airborne, it will shoot projectiles. To avoid these projectiles, remove your target from the boss and simply start running in any direction.
  • Causing enough damage to the Elden Beast can cause a poise break. The repost point for Elden Beast is located on its chest. Landing this hit can cause significant damage to this boss.
  • Elden Beast has a second version of the ring area attack explained before. If you see two rings in the sky, the boss will use this variation of the ring attack. As soon as the rings start materializing around you, run towards the edge. Jump over all the three shrinking rings until you are out of the last outer ring.
Elden Beast Elden Ring

After a long journey, your adventure as a Tarnished is almost over! But before ending the game, here is a list of all the bosses in Elden Ring.

Now you can defeat any optional bosses you might be pending before ending your passage and becoming an Elden Lord!

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