Godfrey is one of the Great Enemy bosses you will have to face if you want to complete your journey as an Elden Lord in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring has plenty of challenges right from the start of the game. You have to face the Tree Sentinel right from the get-go, which is no easy feat with your starting stats.

This trend continues throughout the game, just as with every other Soulslike. The further you go, the hardest the bosses will get.

Some bosses will even reappear with some changes as you explore The Lands Between.

Godfrey is one of those bosses in Elden Ring, and it can take some time to defeat him, especially if you do not know the right strategy to face this challenge.

Godfrey also presents itself as Godfrey, First Elden Lord (Hoarah Loux) later in the game, here is how to defeat the Hoarah Loux version of this boss.

Elden Ring Leyndell The Capital City

Best Strategy to Defeat Godfrey, First Elden Lord Golden Shade

Where to Find Godfrey, First Elden Lord Golden Shade

You can find this boss at Leyndell, Capital City. Once you have reached this location and explored the surroundings, follow these steps:

  • If you do not have the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace:
    • Fast travel to the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace, if you need guidance, here are all the Sites of Grace on Elden Ring with the respective map
    • Take the stairs down and climb the remains of the dragon, following its talon and dropping into a hall with a ladder
    • Climb the ladder, take the stairs up and follow this path until you reach the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace
  • If you already have the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace:
    • Follow the path from this Site of Grace until you reach the roots of the tree you can climb
    • Climb the root, and as soon as you reach the bigger root, take that path and keep climbing up
    • Once reach the top, take the root that heads in a downward direction to the right
    • As soon as you reach another intersection of the root, take the root that is going upwards
    • After a few seconds of climbing, you will see part of the building with some pillars, jump there and you should now be at the arena of Godfrey, The First Elden Lord Golden Shade
Elden Ring Leyndell The Capital City Godfrey Arena

Tips to Defeat Godfrey Golden Shade

Godfrey can be tricky in Elden Ring if you do not know how to face him. Here are some tips for this boss fight.

Weapon Selection Tips

  • Weapon Approach:
    • If you are doing to approach this fight with a melee weapon, be careful with Godfrey’s stomp area attack, the reach is big enough that rolling will not do much so using a shield for cover or blocking while using a two-handed weapon is essential
    • If you are using ranged attacks with sorceries and incantations, this boss can close the distance gap quite fast with jumps and dashes, so it is a pretty good idea to summon Spirit Ashes or a summon another Tarnished for co-op

Boss Battle Tips

  • At the very beginning of the fight, it is almost certainly Godfrey will jump and try to land an axe attack on you, as soon as he is airborne, start rolling to avoid it
  • If you keep mid distance from this boss and you are not considerably far, it will not do jumping attacks or dashes anymore
  • Godfrey moves are not the fastest in the game, so you can dodge most attacks by keeping an eye on how he moves his shoulders preparing for his next axe swing
  • Godfrey almost always follows up his stomp attacks with a damaging axe attack, this is why rolling is not a good idea to avoid the stomp area attack, as it will most likely hit you, leave you stunned and ready to receive a direct hit from Godfrey’s axe
  • As soon as Godfrey’s shoulders seem still, get in a couple attacks to damage him
  • Godfrey’s spin attacks are almost always followed up by an axe strike that has a considerable reach, so roll away to create distance
  • If you need extra help, you can summon friends or random players to help you fight Godfrey, here is everything you need to know about summoning friends
  • You can summon a Spirit Ash for this boss fight, if you do not have one you feel suitable for this battle, here is where to find every Spirit Ash in Elden Ring
  • Don’t be afraid to fail, there is a Statue of Marika right outside this boss area in case you need additional tries
Godfrey First Elden Lord Battle Elden Ring

This boss fight can become quite manageable with patience, practice, and all the tips mentioned above. If you are ready for your next challenge, here are all the bosses and their locations in Elden Ring.

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