Elden Ring dungeons can be pretty intricate, but the mechanized chariots in most Hero’s Graves are by far the most obnoxious obstacles!

The Lands Between offers an incredible amount of dungeons, ruins, and other exciting landmarks for players to explore.

One of the many treacherous locations players can explore in Elden Ring are the Hero’s Graves. These dungeons are generally more intricate than the usual cave in the game.

One particular thing that makes these locations stand out is the inclusion of mechanized chariots that can almost always one-hit KO gamers. As well, the loot in these locations is usually worth the hassle!

Navigating these graves is no easy task! You might find yourself repeatedly dying just to reach the boss at the end. However, a brilliant gamer shared a great way to avoid these chariots in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Mechanized Chariots

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How to Avoid the Mechanized Chariots in Elden Ring Hero’s Graves

The trick to avoiding Mechanized Chariots consists in using the Raptor of the Mists Ash of War right before getting hit by one of these chariots. If used at the right time, the chariot goes through your character, avoiding all damage.

You can find this Ash of War by progressing on Finger Hunter Yura’s questline.

If you still do not have this Ash of War in your inventory, here is how you can find Raptor of the Mists in Elden Ring.

This particular Ash of War makes your character duck and momentarily vanish. If an enemy lands an attack in the instant it disappears, your character is propelled up in the air.

Furthermore, getting the timing right for this move to avoid chariots seems to be manageable. Using this Ash of War certainly makes navigating Hero’s Graves chariots in Elden Ring much easier.

These chariots are a pain but also quite beneficial. Few gamers might be aware of this, but you can destroy Hero’s Grave chariots and loot them in Elden Ring!

Redditor Difficult-Rest8524 shared this trick to avoid damage from the iconic mechanized chariots in the Hero’s Graves in Elden Ring.

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Ashes of War can be quite helpful in your path as a Tarnished! We have ranked all the Ashes of War in the game so that you can choose the best ones for your arsenal!

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