It’s common gaming knowledge that FromSoftware makes challenging games and has refused to implement an easy mode. But, in Elden Ring, you might be making the game harder by using summons! Here’s how…

The Lands Between is filled with foes just itching to take a swing at you. It seems that anything with a pulse is out to get you, so you need to constantly be on your guard.

Even more so when you consider the unforgiving nature of Elden Ring, and the way that most enemies can kill you in the blink of an eye. Looking at you, Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader…

Sometimes, you might want to spread some of your workload and delegate some monster hunting to a friend, be it AI or human. This is done using the game’s ‘Summon’ feature, allowing you to bring co-operators into your world. Here’s how, in case you’re confused.

But, what you may not realize is that by teaming up, you’re actually giving your adversary a massive buff. This applies to regular enemies and bosses! Read on to find out how it works.

NOTE: Spirit Ash summons don’t buff enemies, so use them without concern. Here’s where you can find Elden Ring’s legendary Ashes, including the iconic Mimic’s Tear!

Elden Ring Co-Op Crossplay

How Summoning Buffs Enemies

Requesting help in a fight from an AI or friend summon increases the enemy’s stats. Also, each additional summon boosts the enemy’s stats even further.

For example, one co-op partner will make the enemy stronger, but two will make them more so. And it’s all down to mathematics. Here are the numbers, as reported by Reddit user IllusoryWall:

  • Boss Buffs
    • HP increases by 60% with one summon, 130% with two summons.
    • Resistances increase by 50% (poison increases further for an unknown reason).
    • Attack damage increases by 10% with two summons.
    • Poise damage taken reduces by an unknown percentage.
  • Non-Boss Buffs
    • HP increases by 25% with one summon, 35% with two summons.
    • Resistances increase by 50% (poison increases further, but only with one summon).
    • Mini-boss type enemy HP may increase by 30% with one summon, 50% with two summons (tested on Troll enemy).

If you want to counter this with some major buffs of your own, make sure you find every Crystal Tear and mix up a powerful concoction!

Elden Ring Buffs With Summons

The Redditor goes on to confirm that, whilst the enemy HP increases immediately, their resistances increase gradually. So, if you’re quick off the mark, you could still inflict a status debuff before the higher resistance takes effect!

Take advantage of that by blitzing your foe with bleed-based attacks. Here’s where you can find one of Elden Ring’s best Incantations, Swarm of Flies!

Elden Ring Boss Godrick the Grafted

So, next time you find yourself being flattened by a particular foe, just remember that you may not get by with a little help from your friends.

Prefer to kill your friends instead of cooperating with them? Here are the best PvP locations around the Lands Between!

Or if you want even more from your Spirit Ashes besides not buffing bosses, here’s how you can upgrade them to be spectral super-soldiers!

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