Elden Ring’s Church of Inhibition can be hard to find, but once you know how to get there, it is simply a matter of reaching it.

If you’ve made your way past Godrick the Grafted (or you skipped Elden Ring’s Stormveil Castle), you should be in Liurnia of the Lakes.

We’re going to help you locate the church, as well as get that precious Sacred Tear to upgrade your flask potency.

Update (September 9th 2022)
- Added a clearer image to locate the Bellum Church in Liurnia of the Lakes

How to Reach The Church of Inhibition in Elden Ring

The Church of Inhibition can be found East of the Bellum Church Site of Grace in the Liurnia of the Lakes.

  • Start your journey in the Bellum Church in the northeastern region of Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • The Church of Inhibition is on top of the cliffs nearby. But you’ll need to navigate a complicated path to get there.
Bellum Church Location Elden Ring
  • If you head out of the Bellum Church and head onto the main path north, you’ll spot a small enemy camp. If you get close to them, they’ll fire their Trebuchets at you.
Elden Ring Main Path from Bellum Church
  • You have a choice:
    • You can either head straight through the camp, and then head East up the slope to reach the Frenzied Flame Village.
    • Or, you can head East before the camp and head up another slope. Both paths reach the same destination.
  • Watch out for the towers with the flaming orbs above them. These Sauron-like flames will cause the Madness debuff, so try and stay as far away from them as possible.
  • Once you’re up the cliff, you should arrive at a large brick wall. Head around the corner, and you’ll enter the Frenzied Flame Village. Just rush through and avoid all enemies as best you can.
Elden Ring Frenzied Flame Village
  • Once you have exited the village, head up another small slope towards a ruined church. This is the Church of Inhibition! You’re closer than ever to that Sacred Tear!
Elden Ring Church of Inhibition
  • Before you arrive at the Church of Inhibition, you’ll be invaded by an enemy NPC.
  • This Festering Finger is fairly difficult. Those who have the Rock Sling spell, found near the Meteorite Staff in Caelid, will make quick use of him.

After you’ve defeated the Invader, head into the Church of Inhibition and claim your Sacred Tear and activate the Site of Grace! The Church of Inhibition is also useful to complete White Mask Varre’s quest and reach Mohgwyn’s Palace early in the game.

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