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Elden Ring – Everything You Should Do Before New Game Plus

If you’ve faced everything and completed your journey through The Lands Between, your next step in Elden Ring is New Game+.

If you’ve fought the Elden Beast and come out glorious, you may be feeling pretty ecstatic. You’ve completed Elden Ring!

But what should you do now? Well, there is always the option to play the game again, with your current character and harder enemies! If you’re up for the challenge, of course.

Before you head into that second journey through The Lands Between, you may want to clear some things up.

We’re going to cover what you should do before you enter NG+, as well as what carries over and how to start New Game + in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring Tree Sentinel

What Carries Over to New Game+ in Elden Ring

There are a couple of things that will be taking on your second journey in Elden Ring, such as:

  • Current Stats
  • Current Level
  • Most Gear (what you lose will be explained in a moment)
  • Torrent

What you’ll lose are some key items that are part of story progression or ways to unlock shortcuts, Stonesword Keys, Great Runes, and any unlocked Sites of Grace.

It may sound like you lose a fair few things, but since you’re going to the start of your journey stronger than ever, you’ll be sure to gain them back quickly!

Everything To Do Before New Game Plus in Elden Ring

But before you head into NG+, there are a few things you should do! Here’s what to do before New Game Plus in Elden Ring:

Get Every Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone

Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones raise your armaments to +25, making your weapons extremely powerful! It’s worth grabbing as many while you can!

Since items can be taken through to your second journey, it would be a good idea to get any Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones you can.

Elden Ring Dragon

Here are where you can find some of these Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones:

  • Found on a corpse below a hugging statue in Miquella’s Haligtree.
  • From Gurranq after feeding him nine Deathroot. Alternatively, you can kill him to receive the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone after killing Maliketh.
  • At the bottom of the Frozen Waterfall between Mountaintop of the Giants and Consecrated Snowfield
  • As a reward for completing the Latenna questline

These Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones will be extremely useful in your second journey!

Talk to Every NPC and/or Kill Them For Their Outfits

Definitely optional, and in no way are we telling you to kill NPCs. But if you want to, you can do it!

Talk to NPCs to get a bit of further back story, and then kill them for whatever loot they have. Since you’re going into a New Game +, they’ll all come back to life again. Better yet, they won’t even know what you did to them on the first journey.

But we know. We know.

If you’re starting fresh with a new journey, you’ll be able to start the quests from scratch, so there’s no real punishment here.

Elden Ring Where to Find Every Staff - Locations Maps

Buy Stuff You Need From The Twin Maiden Husks

Items you bought and loot are kept on you when you enter your New Game Plus. But Bell Bearings DO NOT carry into NG+.

So, make sure you spend all of the Runes you want on items from the Bell Bearings shops as they can be carried over. Just remember not to buy Stonesword Keys.

If you want to find all of the Bell Bearings before you enter New Game +, we have a guide on where you can find them all!

Find All Larval Tears

Since Larval Tears are required to re-spec your stats, and they’re limited in quantity, it would be wise to loot up all of the Larval Tears you can find.

They’re extremely useful if you want to pivot your build before Elden Ring’s New Game+, but you can also save them and have more when you defeat Rennala again!

Elden Ring Rennala

If you need to find all of the Larval Tears, you can follow our handy guide on finding all of their locations!

Use Every Remembrance

Remembrances contain great rewards, so it’s best to use them while you can! You’ll be able to get them again in Elden Ring’s New Game+ though.

We have the list of the Best Remembrance Weapons in Elden Ring, in case you are wondering which pieces of equipment you should get!

If you’ve already used the Remembrances for certain weapons, find out how to duplicate them to earn the other piece of equipment!

Switch Your Build to Start Fresh

Maybe you’ve reached the peak of what your build is capable of? Or, maybe you simply want to change up the gameplay for your NG+.

Elden Ring Combat

Using the aforementioned Larval Tears to re-spec your stats, you can find different pieces of loot and upgrade materials to change your build before entering the second journey.

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are some of the best builds in Elden Ring to use. Or, you can go for the endgame Black Flame Mage build.

How to Enter New Game+ in Elden Ring

To enter your second playthrough of Elden Ring, through the New Game Plus mode, you’ll need to have finished the final boss and completed one of the endings.

Once you’ve completed the main story, you’ll be taken back to The Lands Between. You can do any optional content from here, such as side quests or mini-bosses, etc.

However, you can’t fight the final boss again, and you can’t get a different ending.

If you want to play NG+ still, simply head over to the Roundtable Hold and use the Site of Grace. An option that says Begin Journey 2 will be available to use.

Elden Ring Leveling Up Melina

Enemies will be tougher than before but will reward more Runes upon death. You’ll also have all of your character’s loot and weapons to bring with you, as well as your stats.

Before you replay your Elden Ring adventure in New Game+, make sure to find some of the best loot in the game:

We’ll see you on the next journey, Tarnished.

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