Being a Sorcerer in Elden Ring can be a ton of fun if you have some Legendary Sorcery and Incantation under your sleeve!

Sorceries and Incantations are a vital part of Elden Ring’s gameplay for many players. Just as weapons in the game, you get better Incantations and Sorceries as you progress.

Some of these are not that great or simply will not fit your playstyle. While others, like the Giantsflame Take Thee Incantation, can be used to create outstanding builds.

There is a set of these spell attacks set aside due to their power and uniqueness. These superior spells fall under the category of Legendary Sorceries and Incantations!

Even if some of these spells might not suit your playstyle, they could be extremely useful under certain circumstances.

Sorceress Sellen Elden Ring

All Legendary Sorceries and Incantations & Where to Find Them in Elden Ring

In total, there are 7 Legendary Sorceries and Incantations in Elden Ring.

  • Flame of the Fell God – Legendary Incantation
  • Greyoll’s Roar – Legendary Incantation
  • Elden Stars – Legendary Incantation
  • Founding Rain of Stars – Legendary Sorcery
  • Ranni’s Dark Moon – Legendary Sorcery
  • Comet Azur – Legendary Sorcery
  • Stars of Ruin – Legendary Sorcery

This is how you can find all of these Legendary Sorceries

1. Flame of the Fell God (Legendary Incantation)

It is obtained by defeating Adan, Thief of Fire in the Malefactor’s Evergaol in the southwest area of Liurnia of the Lakes. If you need additional help getting to this location, here is a list of all the Evergaols in Elden Ring.

The Flame of the Fell God is a Fire Giant Incantation that summons an enormous fireball that sets the area ablaze.

Here are the requirements for the Flame of the Fell God Legendary Sorcery:

  • Intelligence – 0
  • Faith – 41
  • Arcane – 0
Malefactors Evegaol Location Elden Ring

2. Greyoll’s Roar (Legendary Incantation)

You can acquire this Legendary Incantation after defeating Greyoll in Caelid by purchasing it from the Cathedral of Dragon Communion for three Dragon Hearts. This church is in the southern region of Caelid.

Keep in mind this Incantation will only be accessible after defeating Greyoll. This boss’ location is marked on the image below.

This incantation emits Greyoll’s Roar, which creates an area attack that deals great damage and decreases enemy attack by 20%. It also increases dealt damage by 10% to affected enemies.

If you need to get more Dragon Hearts, here is how to find all Dragon Heart locations in Elden Ring.

Furthermore, to wield the Greyoll’s Roar Incantation, you require the following stats:

  • Intelligence – 0
  • Faith – 28
  • Arcane – 17
Greyoll Location Caelid Elden Ring

3. Elden Stars (Legendary Incantation)

This Legendary Incantation is located in Deeproot Depths. Here is how you can reach Deeproot Depths in Elden Ring.

Once you reach Deeproot Depths, follow these steps to find the Elden Stars Legendary Incantation:

  • Fast Travel to the Great Waterfall Crest Site of Grace location.
  • Travel west until you reach the tree roots.
  • Climb one of the roots and take the root to the left. Keep going for a few moments until you see a second root below that connects to a cave lodged in the wall.
  • Drop to this root and enter the cave.
  • Continue the left path down the cave, be careful with the giant ants.
  • After a few moments, you will find a corpse here from which you can pillage the Elden Stars Incantation.

To add the Elden Starts Legendary Incantation to your arsenal, you will require the following stats:

  • Intelligence – 0
  • Faith – 50
  • Arcane – 0
Elden Stars Legendary Incantation Location Elden Ring

4. Founding Rain of Stars (Legendary Sorcery)

You can find it in a chest within the Heretical Rise in Mountaintops of the Giants.

Once you reach Mountaintops of the Giants, follow these instructions to get the Founding Rain of Stars Legendary Sorcery in Elden Ring:

1. Activate the Heretical Rise puzzle:

  • Follow these instructions if you still do not have the Freezing Lake Site of Grace in this area, else jump to the next set of instructions:
    • From the Grand Lift of Rold, travel north until you reach the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace.
    • Northeast of the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins, you should find the Freezing Lake Site of Grace.
  • Follow these instructions from the Freezing Lake Site of Grace:
    • Once in the Freezing Lake, go around the lake in a southeast direction.
    • Following this path gets to an elevated area with the Lord Contender’s Evergaol.
    • Northwest from this Evergaol, you should find the Heretical Rise; once here, interact with the imp statue in front of the entrance to activate a puzzle.

2. Heretical Rise Puzzle Solution & Obtain Founding Rain of Stars

  • Fast Travel to the Freezing Lake Site of Grace.
  • From this location, travel up north and move along the ridge westward until you reach the broken bridge.
  • This bridge is an invisible bridge that connects to stairs leading to a back entrance in the Heretical Rise. To travel safely down this path, you can take any of these options:
    • Here is a detailed description of how to cross the invisible bridge to Heretical Rise.
    • Since snow is falling, you can see how the snow falls on the invisible path. Just follow the invisible path until you reach the Heretical Rise.
    • If the snow goes straight through the platform, you can use Rainbow Stones to mark the way.
    • If you have the Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War, you can spam it several times here to mark the way.
    • Pro-Tip: Pay attention to the message marks in this bridge; these marks can help you determine the right path.
  • Once you get inside the Heretic Rise, you will need to clear some enemies there.
  • Climb to the uppermost area of this Rise in Elden Ring, and you should find the Founding Rain of Stars Legendary Sorcery inside a chest.

This Sorcery releases a downpour of star rain to damage enemies for a short period of time. To use the Founding Rain of Stars Legendary Sorcery in Elden Ring, the following stats are required:

  • Intelligence – 52
  • Faith – 0
  • Arcane – 0

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Elden Ring Legendary Sorcery Location Heretical Rise

5. Ranni’s Dark Moon (Legendary Sorcery)

You can find this Legendary Sorcery at Chelona’s Rise at the Moonlight Altar area in the southwesternmost part of Liurnia of the Lakes. However, this area is not accessible until you have made serious progress on Ranni’s ques in Elden Ring.

To gain access to Chelona’s Rise, you will need to solve a puzzle. Here is how you can solve the puzzle and obtain Ranni’s Dark Moon Legendary Sorcery in Elden Ring:

  • Once you have completed Ranni’s Quest, fast travel to the Moonlight Altar Site of Grace in Liurnia of the Lakes
  • Head south until you find the Altar South Site of Grace, which is right in front of Chelona’s Rise
  • As usual, you will need to solve a puzzle to access the Rise. This time, you are required to find and hit three giant tortoises. *We have added an image below marking the location of the three tortoises.
  • Pro-Tip: One tortoise is suspended mid-air below a Spirit Spring. Using the Spring to jump with your horse is required to hit this one.
  • Once you have hit all the three tortoises, fast travel to the Altar South Site of Grace, climb to the uppermost room of Chelona’s Rise, and collect Ranni’s Dark Moon from the chest in this room.

This sorcery casts a cold dark moon and launches it to the targeted enemies. To use this Legendary Sorcery in Elden Ring, these stats are a must-have:

  • Intelligence – 68
  • Faith – 0
  • Arcane – 0

*Note: Blue circles indicate the location of the tortoises for Chelona’s Rise puzzle.

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Elden Ring Chelonas Rise Location Ranni Dark Moon Legendary SorceryElden Ring Chelonas Rise Location Ranni Dark Moon Legendary Sorcery

6. Comet Azur (Legendary Sorcery)

You can obtain Comet Azur just ahead of the Hermit Village at Mt. Gelmir from Primeval Sorcerer Azur.

You can get to this sorcerer by following the path to the west from the Seethewater Cave Site of Grace. Here is a detailed walkthrough on how to find Primeval Sorcerer Azur in Elden Ring.

This sorcerer will give you this sorcery that fires a tremendous comet for free! To use Comet Azur, you will need the following stats:

  • Intelligence – 60
  • Faith – 0
  • Arcane – 0
Primeval Sorcerer Azur Elden Ring Location

7. Stars of Ruin (Legendary Sorcery)

You can get this sorcery from Master Lusat inside the Sellia Hideaway in Caelid. The sorcery is located behind an arcane ward.

To get access to this area, you must have the Sellian Sealbreaker. This is an item you acquire by making progress in Sorceress Sellen’s quest.

Once you have the Sellian Sealbreaker, follow these instructions:

  • Fast travel to the Chuch of the Plague Site of Grace.
  • From this location, travel northeast until you reach an illusory boulder that will disappear after hitting it. This location is near some graves; you can not miss it.
  • Once inside this cavern, follow the path where there is a Summoning Pool. You will have to get through several illusory walls.
  • As soon as you enter the first cavern with some massive purple crystals, take the path along the wall to the right. Keep following this wall to the right and once you reach the purple crystals, jump over them and jump once again to reach the area where there is a crystal snail.
  • Once there, continue going to the right and drop on the purple crystals till you reach the bottom floor.
  • As soon as you land, defeat the sorcerer in front of the magical seal and interact with the seal to dispel it.
  • Follow this path and speak with Master Lusat, who will give you the Stars of Ruin Legendary Sorcery.

This Primeval Sorvery shoots twelve dark shooting stars at enemies. To use the Stars of Ruin Legendary Sorcery in Elden Ring, these stats are required:

  • Intelligence – 43
  • Faith – 0
  • Arcane – 0

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Elden Ring Sellia Hideaway Location

These are the Legendary Sorcery and Incantation repertoire you can find for your magical arsenal in Elden Ring!

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