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Elden Ring ESRB Rating Reveals Gory Boss Fight Details

We’re closer than ever to the release of Elden Ring and a new ESRB rating reveals some interesting details about upcoming boss fights.

It feels as though the wait for Elden Ring has been years long, and we’ve still got a little while to go. Recently, the game got a small delay to February 25, meaning that we’ll have to wait a little longer to get our hands on its for ourselves.

In the meantime though, we’ve got some new details revealing what Elden Ring will offer on release day.

Elden Ring

Last month, many fans got the chance to go hands-on with Elden Ring in a Network Test Beta. And it didn’t take long for Elden Ring codes to begin selling for insane prices on eBay.

Now, we’re learning even more about what’s to come in Hidetaka Miyazaki’s upcoming game.

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Elden Ring Boss Cuts Off Its Own Arm & More

In a new ESRB rating, it’s revealed that one Elden Ring boss fight involves a character cutting off its own arm.

Fans of the Souls franchise will know that Miyazaki’s series features some iconic boss fights. The creativity of the epic battles is what makes the games so beloved and memorable.

Now it seems that Elden Ring will feature some incredible bosses of its own. And the new ESRB rating of M suggests that there will be some particularly gory fights to come.

In the rating summary, ESRB confirms:

“The game includes depictions of gore: collectible items that include severed fingers and tongues; a boss character cutting off its arm; severed arms hanging from a ceiling.”

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elden ring boss fight

On top of that, players should expect to encounter a “humanoid monster” that is depicted partially nude, with scales/scars covering its breast and pelvic regions.

And of course, the usual blood and gore you’re expecting will feature in Elden Ring too. But we’re definitely most excited to see a boss cutting off its own arm mid-fight.

Recently we got some leaked Xbox One footage of Elden Ring, and the game is no slouch on last-gen hardware. We can’t wait to see how good it looks on next-gen systems at launch.

Meanwhile, here are the latest Elden Ring story, gameplay, combat, and lore details we could get our hands on!

And don’t miss out on these jaw-dropping Elden Ring Collector’s Editions either!

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