Elden Ring players have found an easy way to get 74,000 runes without a single fight – here’s how you can do it by defeating the sleeping dragon!

Runes are the most important thing you’ll pick up in all of Elden Ring. Yes, weapons and armor are handy too, but you’ll need this currency to level up your character!

Once you know how to level up in Elden Ring, you’ll want to get some runes as soon as possible. Although, defeating enough enemies to level up can take some time – plus you lose all of your runes once you die!

Luckily, players have found an extremely easy way to get a whopping 74,000 runes in Elden Ring. You don’t even have to fight anything!

But before you start leveling up, find out what every stat and attribute does in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Sleeping Dragon Easy Runes

Easiest Way to Get Runes in Elden Ring – Elder Dragon Greyoll Map Location

Alongside the best infinite rune farm spot in Elden Ring, the easiest way to get runes is by killing the sleeping dragon found near Fort Faroth. Killing it will grant you around 74,000 runes, and it won’t even put up a fight.

  • First, fast travel to the Site of Grace near Fort Faroth.
  • Slightly north of it, you will see a giant sleeping dragon.
  • Go up to the dragon and start attacking it near its wings or legs – this will mean the smaller dragons nearby won’t attack you.
  • Elder Dragon Greyoll won’t fight back but it will take a few minutes to kill – just keep going until it is dead.
  • Summon spirits or use a weapon with a bleeding effect to kill Greyoll quicker.
  • Killing the sleeping dragon will give you a Dragon Heart and around 74,000 runes! Unfortunately, it won’t respawn so you can only do this once unless you use this new glitch to farm runes from the sleeping dragon again and again!
  • Also, use the best endgame rune farming method in Elden Ring for up to 10 million runes per hour after you’ve done this!
Elden Ring Fort Faroth Map Location

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And that’s how you can get some easy runes by killing the sleeping dragon in Elden Ring. Just make sure you use them straight away so you don’t lose them!

Then you’ll be more prepared to take on all of the bosses in Elden Ring! Elder Dragon Greyoll definitely isn’t one of the most challenging.

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