There’s a new strategy that’s turning heads in Elden Ring, allowing players to easily kill any boss fight that allows summons.

To say that Elden Ring is a difficult game would be an understatement. FromSoftware’s massive new open-world title is bringing a lot of new fans to the Souls franchise, and not everyone can handle the challenge.

Even the more experienced players are definitely struggling when going up against Elden Ring’s hardest boss fights.

But there’s a new trick that players are using to turn on easy mode in Elden Ring – at least for its boss fights. Bear in mind, this trick only works in bosses where you’re able to summon Spirit Ashes – but it even works on the game’s final boss!

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Elden Ring: How to Easily Beat Any Boss Fight

If you’re looking to easily beat an Elden Ring boss fight, there’s a new strategy that will help you win, no problem.

First, you’ll need to get your hands on the Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes. Although there’s a new summon that players are calling the best Spirit Ash in Elden Ring, the Mimic Tear is essential to this strategy working.

  • To get started, you’ll need a Talisman called Shabriri’s Woe, which is located in the Frenzied Flame Village at this location in Liurnia of the Lakes.
frenzied flame village
  • You’ll also need to upgrade your Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes as much as possible to make your fight easier. Here’s where to easily get all the Gloveworts you need for the upgrades.
  • When using Shabriri’s Woe, all enemies will target you over any allies. Equip it and head through your boss fog.
  • Then, immediately summon Mimic Tear, which copies your full equipment loadout.
  • Heal up and quickly unequip Shabriri’s Woe from yourself, leaving only the Mimic with the item in its inventory.
  • Then, enjoy an easy Elden Ring boss fight where you will rarely get attacked by the enemy!
  • Of course, it’s important to make your Mimic as strong as possible. When it eventually dies, you’ll become the main focus once more, after all.
shabriri's woe

It’s also important to make yourself as strong as possible to take down the bosses quickly. Use this Rivers of Blood Katana to deal insane damage during challenging encounters.

We also have a guide to finding all of Elden Ring’s Legendary Armaments – weapons that aren’t to be missed!

Thanks to YouTuber Caspahz for sharing this incredibly easy Elden Ring boss fight technique with us. Check out the video guide below:

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