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Elden Ring DLC Plans & Ideas – What To Expect

FromSoftware has already confirmed that fans can expect to see more Elden Ring content in the future, but does that mean DLC?

FromSoftware has been relatively quiet regarding DLC for Elden Ring, but they have let fans know that they can expect to see a lot more of the Lands Between in the future.

This could mean a TV series, comic book run, and even some other forms of merchandise. But what most fans of the series want is more Elden Ring content.

More specifically, Elden Ring DLC. Here’s everything we know so far.

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Be warned: The rest of this article will contain Elden Ring endgame spoilers.

Radagon of the Golden Order Elden Ring
YouTube: Boss Fight Database

Elden Ring DLC Plans & Details

FromSoftware has yet to mention any upcoming Elden Ring DLC officially.

However, we’ve already seen some Colosseums were found beyond the Elden Ring map boundary. This has led many to believe that FromSoftware has some PVP-focused DLC in development.

But it would be shocking if FromSoftware didn’t have some kind of PVE DLC in development for Elden Ring considering how open-ended some of the storylines are left.

Most notably regarding The Shattering and Miquella.

FromSoftware is no stranger to prequel DLC. In Bloodborne, some of the best boss fights came from its DLC, The Old Hunters.

So it would make sense if FromSoftware did opt to dive deeper into the events surrounding The Shattering.

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Elden Ring DLC

Elden Ring DLC Theories: Events of The Shattering

The Shattering is what sets off the series of events that lead up to Elden Ring. It would be interesting to see how Queen Marika was represented before her imprisonment.

Although later, we find that Queen Marika and Radagon are the same people during the Elden Beast boss fight.

It would also allow FromSoftware to showcase some younger forms of some beloved characters. A pre-scarlet rot Radahn does sound very interesting.

It could also dive deeper into Ranni, the Black Knife Assassins, and how they all tie into Queen Marika.

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Elden Ring DLC Theories: Miquella & Mohgwyn Palace

Miquella is Melania’s brother. Throughout Elden Ring, we hear his name pop up many times but never get to interact with him.

When we find him in Mohgwyn’s Palace, he is in a deep sleep due to Mohg’s attempts to use him to ascend into a diety.

After defeating Mohg in his palace, we can see a cocoon that holds Miquella.

It would be interesting if we could interact with it in the future, similar to how we were able to interact with Fia while she slept.

Although Miquella does seem lifeless, it is never stated that Mohg’s actions have killed him.

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Elden Ring Mohgwyn Spear

If you’re interested in seeing where else the story could lead us, check out these Elden Ring fan theories and how they interpret the many possible endings.

And if you can’t wait to see more of the characters, there is some incredible fan art that you need to check out!

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Tuesday 10th of May 2022

It would be interesting to learn what radahn was like pre rot but personally(my opinion), I want a new land. A city like Yharnam... something terrifying where you march to find what corrupted the grand city, But thats my want, not everyones


Wednesday 6th of April 2022

Side note on Miquella. Gideon specifically states that he is still "sleeping" and says something along the lines of "as long as he stays asleep"

I think a Miquella wakes up DLC is an obvious choice for FromSoftware


Wednesday 6th of April 2022

Nice spoiler tags, thanks.