FromSoftware, the developer of Elden Ring, has announced a brand-new update that introduces PVP combat within the game’s colosseums.

Fans who have been wondering what the inaccessible colosseums in Elden Ring are for need wonder no longer, as they will be finally opening their doors.

Of course, before you jump into it and take on your friends, you should learn all about the mysteries of the colosseum in Elden Ring.

What Is the Colosseum Update in Elden Ring?

The Colosseum Update finally opens the increasingly mysterious colosseums in Elden Ring that have been there since launch.

It will allow players (in up to groups of three on either side) to fight one another in online PVP combat within the colosseums using whatever gear and abilities they’ve gathered.

two players fighting each other in the colosseum in Elden Ring

It looks like you’ll be fighting in three different colosseums: Leyndell Colosseum, Caelid Colosseum, and Limgrave Colosseum.

Here’s where to find all 3 Colosseums and what modes are available in Elden Ring’s new PVP DLC.

FromSoftware announced the update in a Twitter post that came alongside a brand-new trailer. You can watch the trailer below.

Of course, if you’re thinking of jumping into the colosseum yourself, then you’ll need the best PVP builds for the Elden Ring colosseum.

Is the Elden Ring Colosseum Update Free?

The update will be completely free to anyone who owns or purchases Elden Ring. This is not paid DLC but rather just a free update to the game.

Nevertheless, players are getting much-requested content that looks set to add a lot to the game, especially if you’re interested in the PVP side of Souls games.

a group of players fighting each other in the colosseum in Elden Ring

When Is the Colosseum Update Coming to Elden Ring?

The update is coming to Elden Ring on Wednesday, December 7th, 2022, worldwide for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms.

Once it has dropped, players will be able to download it and then head to the colosseum to begin fighting.

Fans really won’t have to wait long for this one, as it is right around the corner. Unfortunately, there’s still no word on any DLC coming to Elden Ring, so fans will likely have to wait a little longer for that.

Until then, you should get practicing your Elden Ring PVP skills with the best PVP weapons to use in the Elden Ring colosseum.

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