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Is Elden Ring Cross-Platform With Crossplay?

A big question for Elden Ring has always been whether it supports crossplay.

Gamers want to make sure the game supports cross-platform and crossplay to play with their friends.

Elden Ring has a strong focus on an interconnected dark-fantasy world made for cooperation between players.

This is not From Software’s first coop endeavor within a game. Dark Souls offered gamers the possibility of joining friends’ worlds and helping clear areas and fight bosses.

Elden Ring has taken this to the next level by incorporating easier ways to connect with players.

But, even if the in-game mechanics allow for, many gamers wonder if they can play with their friends on different platforms.

Fortunately, there is already an answer about Elden Ring’s cross-platform and crossplay co-op support.

Elden Ring Crossplay and Cross-Platform Support

Elden Ring does offer crossplay support. Although, the game does not offer a cross-platform option.

In essence, this means PS4 and PS5 players can game together. The same applies to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S co-op support.

PlayStation gamers will not be able to co-op with PC or Xbox players, as an example of Elden Ring’s cross-platform limitations.

Thus far, neither Bandai Namco nor From Software have confirmed this might change. However, there is always a chance the developer could add a feature like cross-platform in Elden Ring through an update.

If you are starting your journey in The Lands Between, these guides are a perfect way to kick start your path as a Tarnished:

Elden Ring Co-Op Gameplay

Make sure you make the right decision on which platform you are getting Elden Ring so you can play with your friends.

Like every other Soulslike, co-op makes the game difficulty a lot more bearable in specific segments. Elden Ring features dungeons and open areas that are more manageable to explore with additional help.

It is dangerous to venture into The Lands Between alone, so get a couple of friends and enjoy Elden Ring’s crossplay together.

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Comments 4

Thursday 17th of February 2022

I noticed your only said Play station can't play with Xbox and Pc.

Does that mean xbox and pc can play together?

Tuesday 22nd of February 2022

But what about Xbox and PC? That is the main question...

Thursday 17th of February 2022

Cross play is xbox one to xbox series x.

Cross platform is Xbox to PlayStation

Dirty dan

Thursday 17th of February 2022

I cant understand why thats the title. Crossplay and cross platform is the same thing