Elden Ring’s Colosseum mystery now has an explanation thanks to a content creator and their datamining efforts!

Elden Ring has plenty of secrets in store for its players. To date, all the Soulslike titles are famous for their cryptic quests and NPC dialogue.

Following the same structure, Elden Ring is not only an exception but also takes this premise to a whole new level.

The game has an incredible amount of intricate quests that make players explore every corner of The Lands Between.

This exploration rewards gamers with more insight into this ruined world that saw better times and golden ages in the distant past.

However, all this exploration still did not solve some riddles. Some secrets like the Colosseums you can find in the game remained a mystery until now.

UPDATE: Elden Ring has now unlocked the Colosseums as part of a free DLC update! It seems that plans have changed somewhat since the datamine below!

Leyndell Colosseum Elden Ring

Elden Ring Colosseums Explained

Content creator Sekiro Dubi used some map edition and datamining techniques to gain access to the Colosseums in Elden Ring, revealing through an item’s lore that these locations probably served for ritualistic combats to honor the Erdtree.

Based on one item found outside one of the Colosseums, the content creator put together a theory of what these structures aimed to do in the final game.

This item is the Ritual Shield Talisman. The talisman’s description depicts an era before the age of King Consort Radagon. Back in these times, ritualistic combat was held to honor the Erdtree.

According to the in-game lore, this description gives a good idea of the purpose of these structures in the Lands Between.

The content creator explored each Colosseum, discovering interesting facts about its structure.

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Elden Ring Ritual Shield Talisman

Colosseums in Limgrave, Leyndell, & Caelid

The Colosseums in The Lands Between have the following features in common:

  • Site of Grace at the entrance, possibly called “Leyndell Colosseum” (name depending on the location) according to Network Test datamining
  • The upper level features an arena that perhaps served as a gladiator-style feature

Additionally, based on data from non-rendered enemies, Sekiro Dubi was able to get a clear idea of the intent of this arena.

One of the enemies attached to the arena is named “Gladiator Large. Another beast-type enemy is called “Old Lion of Arena.”

With all these references, it is clear the developer could have intended to include some gladiator-style matches in the game.

The content creator ends this video with a curious piece of information. According to datamining, the lobby of this Colosseum received the name “Return point Bonfire Reception desk.”

This could indicate a lot of possibilities. Maybe an online PvP Gladiator mode? Probably a leaderboard of PvE against beasts in the Colosseum?

All these questions have already sparked the conversation about future PvP-based DLC.

It is unlikely we will see these questions answered soon. Nevertheless, it would be cool if FromSoftware habilitated these locations in future DLC!

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