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Elden Ring: Chelona’s Rise All Wise Beast Locations, How to Access & Rewards

Some of Elden Ring’s best-kept secrets are locked away behind puzzles that the player must solve – one such special item is held in Chelona’s Rise. Here are the locations of the three Wise Beasts that need slaying to claim the reward inside.

Another day in the Lands Between, another bunch of Spectral Turtles to slay. FromSoftware’s ability to keep players engaged for hours is aided by their refusal to hold their hands and guide them through their games.

However, Chelona’s Rise takes this to an all-new level, with one of the game’s best items locked behind a magical door. Gaining access requires a round of hide-and-seek that’ll take you much further than at the Testu’s Rise or Oridys’s Rise towers.

In fact, this tower puzzle requires much more effort. So much so that it’s not even accessible until you’ve progressed some way through Ranni the Witch’s questline.

It’s a complicated adventure, so follow our guide to figure out how to complete Ranni’s quest, and gain a legendary FromSoftware weapon as your reward!

Elden Ring Horse leaps over a gap

Where to Find Chelona’s Rise in Elden Ring

Chelona’s Rise stands on a raised clifftop area on the western edge of Liurnia of the Lakes. Once you’ve progressed far enough through Ranni’s questline, you’ll be able to access this area.

The plateau that you’re looking for is south of the Village of the Albinaurics and the Deep Well of the Ainsel River.

Follow the path in a south-westerly direction and you’ll find the tower right beside the cliff edge. Activate the Site of Grace right outside and rest up if you need to.

Speaking of the Albinaurics, here’s how you can complete their Rise tower and claim one of the best talismans in Elden Ring!

Chelona's Rise Map

Chelona’s Rise Three Wise Beast Locations

You may be familiar with the way this process works now, but for the uninitiated, here’s how you can start the quest.

Approach the Imp statue at the base of the tower and interact with it. You will read the inscription that it’s holding, which reads “Seek three great wise beasts.”

Yes, these beasts are great, meaning they’re much larger than those you’ve faced before. However, they are still only tortoises, so have no fear.

Curious about the much larger, rocky turtles that roam the Lands Between? Here’s how you can climb aboard the massive Walking Mausoleums!

Wise Beast 1

Facing the steps, go around to your right – south-west around the tower. You’ll come to the cliff’s edge, but don’t worry. You’re in the right place.

Look down, over the precipice and you’ll see the first Great Wise Beast clinging to the cliff face. Use a ranged attack, like arrows or magic to attack the creature, sending it into the abyss.

If you’re having trouble aiming, try standing on the triangular outcrop that’s slightly lower than the rest of the land.

Chelona's Rise Great Wise Beast 1
Game Guides Channel, FromSoftware

Wise Beast 2

This is where Chelona’s Rise starts to get a little different, compared to previous Turtle towers. You’re going to have to travel, so call on Torrent to make life easier.

Trace the edge of the cliff east until you’re directly south of the Lunar Estate Ruins, and the curve in the road leading up the mountain.

Now, look down below the cliff edge to the south, and you’ll see a group of tortoises surrounding one giant Spectral Turtle.

Ranged attacks can kill it, or you can use torrent to double-jump down and melee kill the beast.

Choosing to climb down and get up close and personal? Here’s how all attributes affect your character, including reducing fall damage!

NOTE: The game may unlock Chelona’s Tower upon killing this Wise Beast. If this does not happen, continue on to Wise Beast 3.

Chelona's Rise Wise Beast 2
Game Guides Channel, FromSoftware

Wise Beast 3

Climb back atop Torrent and return to Chelona’s Rise. It is important that you do not fast-travel or rest at the Site of Grace. More on that later.. but for now, check out our guide to find every Site of Grace in Elden Ring!

From the tower, ride north, once again tracing the edge of the cliff. You’ll enter another section of the plateau, with the Ringleader’s Evergaol on the north-western tip.

But, if you reach that, you’ve gone too far. Look for the road that heads south-east and follow it for a moment.

You’ll find a Spirit Spring, which can launch yourself and Torrent into the air. Step into it and jump. This Wise Beast is floating within the Spirit Spring, suspended a few hundred feet in the air.

Once you’ve knocked him from his spiritual perch, the Impish magic of Chelona’s Rise will be broken and you’re able to enter.

Chelona's Wise Beast 3
Game Guides Channel, FromSoftware

Here’s a handy numbered map so you know where to set down markers in-game!

Chelona's Rise Numbered Map

Possible Glitches & Workarounds

As mentioned further up the page, this quest can be a little glitchy for some Elden Ring players. Two issues seem to occur most frequently, although one of them does make the objective easier.

Wise Beast 3 seems to somehow die without any interaction from the player. It’s unknown why this happens, but is certainly a bug of some kind. Perhaps the tortoise falls from its perch?

Whilst this glitch makes unlocking Chelona’s Rise much easier, the next can make it impossible – if you don’t realize what’s going on.

Now, back to fast-traveling and resting. Don’t do it. In fact, don’t do anything that ‘resets’ the game world. This can cause the Turtles to de-spawn and therefore, become unkillable.

Luckily, it’s not permanent. All you need to do to trigger their return is re-read the Imp statue transcript.

A similar problem occurs at Testu’s Rise, so be sure to follow our guide if you’re heading there next.

Ranni's Dark Moon
Game Guides Channel, FromSoftware

Chelona’s Rise Puzzle Reward in Elden Ring – Ranni’s Dark Moon Sorcery

For all your troubles, you’d expect an impressive reward waiting for you at the top of Chelona’s Rise. Head inside and take the elevator up, where you’ll find a treasure chest.

Inside is Ranni’s Dark Moon, one of Elden Ring’s most powerful sorceries, capable of literally launching a moon at your foes.

Looking to level up your magical ability to the max? Here’s the soft cap level for each attribute and how you can reach them efficiently!

Perhaps you wish to do the bidding of another Elden Ring witch? Here’s how to complete Sorceress Sellen’s questline!

Check out Game Guides Channel’s video walkthrough of Chelona’s Rise, too.

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