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Elden Ring Character Creator Leaks Revealing Crazy Customizations

Elden Ring seems to bring its dark fantasy madness to its character creator!

After a long way, fans of the Soulsborne series are finally close to experiencing Elden Ring.

This title results from a cooperation between Hidetaka Miyazaki’s amazingly crafted worlds and George R. R. Martin’s fantasy writing.

Elden Ring fans have been certainly devoted to the game’s concept ever since it was announced back in 2019. This fandom has been so loyal that Elden Ring garnered two consecutive ‘Most Anticipated Game’ awards in the Game Awards.

Recently, the hype for this game through the roof as an ESRB rating provided gory details about a boss fight in Elden Ring.

As February 25th gets closer, a new Elden Ring leak revealed many crazy aspects of its character customization system.

Elden Ring Character Creator Leak Shows A Vast Amount of Customizations

A YouTube video from ER-SA has leaked the character creator on Elden Ring and revealed an outstanding amount of customization options.

This six-minute video shows how in-depth the character creation system can be in this title. Notably, Dark Souls is famous for the creepy and eerie character gamers could create in the game.

As for Elden Ring, fans can rejoice as Elden Ring adds even more to this formula allowing for greater customization than in previous Souls titles.

For instance, Elden Ring allows for character creation that looks a lot more like natural humans. This new system includes precise faction details and textures that truly resemble a human face.

Unfortunately, the video only shows the effect on the character model as all the menu options are blurred out.

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If you were a fan of the monsters players could create in the Souls titles, you are in luck!

Aside from realistic humans, this Elden Ring character creator also allows for horrifying and nightmarish characters, just as previous Souls titles.

The increase in overall fidelity from Souls titles and Bloodborne is dramatic in Elden Ring. This change with the added elements in character customization led to much more impressive models.

Aside from the character creation, Elden Ring does multiplayer much better.

In contrast to other Miyazaki titles, Elden Ring features an interconnected world and smoother online co-op.

Now, players can quickly summon other players to their world from summoning pools near dungeons and boss fights.

This change alone makes the experience much more cooperative than previous Soulsborne titles.

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