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Elden Ring: Why Can’t I Summon Spirit Ashes? – Fix + Solutions

If you’re stuck on a tough boss in Elden Ring, yet it seems you can’t summon your Spirit Ashes, here are some quick fixes!

Elden Ring’s Spirt Ash feature is one of the most helpful mechanics in the game. It allows players to summon different spirits to assist in many fights.

However, you may find yourself in a few positions where you can’t summon. We’re going to help you by covering all possible issues, as well as their solutions.

Can’t Summon Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring – Solutions

If it seems that your Spirit Ashes aren’t working, there are a few issues that may be happening. Here’s how to fix each issue.

ash spirits elden ring

No White Gravestone on Left Side of the Screen

If there isn’t a white gravestone icon on the side of your screen, that means you can’t summon your Spirit Ash.

Unfortunately, this is Elden Ring’s way of telling you that you’re on your own. If you’re finding it hard still, you may need to find a new area. Or, you may need to find better early weapons to help you in Elden Ring!

You could have also used a Furcalling Finger Remedy. If you planned to summon co-op partners to aid you in your Elden Ring journey, the game will block you from using Spirit Ashes while preparing to summon co-op.

Once you know the white gravestone icon, you’ll remember it for future situations.

Elden Ring Two horses collide

White Gravestone, Empty / Partial FP Bar

If you have the white gravestone, yet can’t seem to summon your Spirit Ashes still, it may be because you haven’t got enough FP.

You should use your Flask Of Cerulean Tears to refill your FP bar. If you’ve run out of your Flasks, you may need to change the allocation of your flasks at a Site of Grace or find some more Golden Seeds to increase your Flask quantity.

If you want to understand Elden Ring’s Focus Points system more, we have a great guide that you can follow!

White Gravestone, Full FP Bar.

There could be a few issues if you have a full FP bar and still can’t summon your Spirit Ashes.

For the first one, you may need a Spirit Summoning Bell. This item isn’t required to be equipped to use, but it is required to summon spirits.

Renna gives you this item at night in the Church of Elleh, very early in the game, after getting Torrent.

If you do not already have it in your inventory, you can purchase one from the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold!

Secondly, you may need to upgrade your FP quantity. To do that, you’ll need to increase your Mind attribute, or re-spec your build to place more points into Mind.

Elden Ring Spirits

Lastly, you may have already summoned a Spirit. Check the left-hand side to see if there’s a health bar for your spirit. If there’s nothing here that fixed your problem, you may need to restart your game or console!

Make sure to check out one of the most powerful Spirit Ash summons in the game, Black Knife Tiche, to aid you in Elden Ring!

If you simply want to add to your library of summons, here’s where to find all Spirit Ash Summons in Elden Ring!

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