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Elden Ring: Can Invasions Be Turned Off?

Invasions have been a constant throughout many FromSoftware games, but it looks like Elden Ring is taking a different approach to them.

Invasions are a multiplayer mechanic that has been prominent in most souls games as of late. It involves one player literally invading another player’s in-game world and hunting them down.

For some, this may not sound fun, but in the soul’s community, it is what they’ve come to know and love.

With Elden Ring being the first open-world game that FromSoftware has made for a soulslike game, we always expected multiplayer and invasions to be handled a little differently.

But, players are probably wondering if they can even be turned off at all.

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Elden Ring Cooperative Play

Elden Ring: How to Avoid Invasions

Well, technically, invasions can’t be turned off. However, players can go offline and avoid invasions altogether though.

That said, the game may still throw a few NPC invasions at you, but at least they won’t offer the same challenge!

This has always been the case with FromSoftware. Players who hop into the multiplayer aspect of the game will need to also face the threat of invasions. In Elden Ring, it still holds true, but there is a big change being implemented.

In Elden Ring, players that wish to invade other players will only be able to do so if that player is in a cooperative game and on the same platform.

That means that to be invaded, players will need a phantom with them. A phantom is another one for a cooperative player.

Elden Ring Boss Fight

Players that are looking to play online simply to use the in-game messaging system will not be punished by invaders. Unless they choose so. There are in-game items players can use to call for an invasion.

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Whether you’re looking to play through Elden Ring solo or with friends, it is essential that you choose the best class for your survival.

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