The Living Jars that inhabit the Lands Between are unusual, but the most intriguing of all resides in the south-east. Here’s everything you need to know about Elden Ring’s Great-Jar NPC in Caelid!

Hidetaka Miyazaki’s mind has birthed some warped creations over the years, but Elden Ring’s Living Jars are certainly one of the weirdest.

Sentient pots, complete with arms and legs, and the ability to speak… Creepy, especially once you learn how they sustain themselves, as explained by Alexander after the epic Starscourge Radahn fight.

But, there is one Living Jar that is a little more puzzling than all the rest. Towering above the rest, he’s the embodiment of the phrase “strong, silent type,” so we’re here to tell you what’s up with Caelid’s Great-Jar.

And if you’re looking to help out a much smaller Living Jar, here’s how you can complete Jar Bairn’s questline and gain a new talisman!

Elden Ring How to Complete Jar Bairn Quest & Get Companion Jar Talisman

Where is the Great-Jar?

The Great-Jar sits on a hill in North Caelid, at the end of a narrow pathway guarded by some Golem Archers. Once you’re close, you can’t miss him.

However, getting to him is pretty tricky as his area is only accessible through another, even narrower valley. The best starting point is the Deep Siofra Well Site of Grace, which in turn will likely be accessed as you progress through Ranni’s questline.

Proceed north, past the Abnormal Rock Clusters and beyond the Golem Archers. You can take these down if you want, but be aware they do respawn. Once you’re at the Great-Jar, they’ll stop firing at you anyway.

After passing the Golems, you’ll be confronted with the Living Jar in question. He makes the archers look small…

The Great-Jar might be the biggest character in Elden Ring, but there are some bosses who might give him a tough fight. Here’s every single dungeon in the Lands Between and the bosses that lay within!

Elden Ring Great-Jar Map

The Great-Jar’s Lore

Not much is known about the Great-Jar at this time, but there are some details that can be deduced from what we do know:

  • First of all, his location is important. He’s standing guard, arms folded, in front of Caelid’s colosseum. The Great-Jar is clearly a well-respected, perhaps feared combatant, because when spoken to, he remains silent but activates 3 summons: Humanoid ‘Knights of the Great-Jar’ who fight on his behalf.
  • Based on this, we can deduct he’s maybe looking for a worthy champion or challenger.

If you’re looking for a more unpredictable challenger, here are the best places to summon real-life enemies for some PvP action!

The Great-Jar’s Quest

The Great-Jar’s entire quest revolves around the 3 NPC summons generated after you interact with the Jar. Each of them must be slain, but there are a few catches:

  • Most notably, each summoned NPC must be killed consecutively. You are not allowed to respawn or rest at a Site of Grace or the 3 enemies will also reset. Once they’re all killed back-to-back, they do not respawn. Make sure you find every Golden Seed to maximize your Flask uses!
  • Secondly, these NPCs are randomly generated. This means that each time you attempt it, they’ll be different. If you’re struggling, don’t give up. Your next run could pit you against a Wretch!
  • Another interesting deviation from the usual boss-fight format here is that each Knight will take on the appearance and loadout of a real player’s character! Expect to fight a lot of bleed-based builds! Going offline may generate easier NPCs adversaries.
  • Lastly, there is a way of making life slightly easier for yourself. These NPCs can be a real challenge, mostly because of the inability to rest between battles. However, their level scales with yours, so taking them on earlier in the game will reduce the difficulty!
  • Kill all 3 (which grants you a Furlcalling Finger each, by the way) and return to the Jar. He’ll remain silent, but will award you with the Great-Jar’s Arsenal Talisman! This item increases your maximum weight load by 19%.

Other bosses don’t scale, so if you want to over-level for a particularly tough fight, here’s an amazing Rune farming method that could max out your Tarnished!

Elden Ring Jar Arsenal Talisman

What’s Next For the Great-Jar?

Even though this might be disappointing, nothing happens with the Great-Jar after finishing its quest.

Upon completion of the quest, your first instinct may be to rush inside the colosseum. Well, prepare to be disappointed, as the doors remain closed with no way of opening them!

This begs the question: Why is the colosseum even there? Especially since it’s guarded by such an intriguing NPC!

A theory is that this area is being saved for DLC. This assumption gains traction when you realize that other regions also have colosseums that are inaccessible.

The presence of the Great-Jar, and his real-world summons, only furthers this theory’s credibility. Perhaps Caelid’s colosseum could become a multiplayer, PvP hub?

It’s also plausible that, if these arenas are going to be used, they may simply house AI boss enemies as part of a DLC that throws you in against increasingly-difficult enemies, Gladiator style. This is a type of questline that every open-world franchise from Elder Scrolls to Assassin’s Creed has used.

The worst-case scenario here is that the FromSoftware may finally make a misstep, with these areas simply being cut content that won’t ever be developed.

But… that won’t happen, right? It’s FromSoftware!

If you’re still content lending a hand to some Living Jars, here’s how you can complete Alexander’s questline!

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