Here are all of the best Talismans to use in Elden Ring as well as all of the locations in the Lands Between you can find them!

Elden Ring is a notoriously difficult game and the Lands Between is a very unforgiving place for anyone who wanders through unprepared.

Luckily, there are plenty of powerful items that can help you along your way. Whether it is weapons, armor, spells, or summons, you’ll want to have the best equipment – and this goes for Talismans too!

Without further ado, these are the best Talismans in Elden Ring and where to find them.

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Top 5 Best Talismans in Elden Ring

Gold Scarab Guide & Location

First up, the best Talisman in all of Elden Ring is the Gold Scarab. This is because it increases the number of runes you get for defeating enemies by a whopping 20%!

If you equip the Gold Scarab, you can earn up to 10 million runes per hour in this farming spot!

Elden Ring Gold Scarab Talisman

You can get the Gold Scarab in Caelid’s Abandoned Cave, however, it isn’t as simple as picking it up.

Check out our in-depth guide on how to get the Gold Scarab Talisman in Elden Ring for more information!

Elden Ring Abandoned Cave Map Location

Green Turtle Talisman Guide & Location

Another great Talisman to use in Elden Ring is the Green Turtle, as it raises your stamina recovery speed.

This makes it especially deadly when using it with the extremely powerful Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War that turns you invisible!

Elden Ring Green Turtle Talisman

You can find the Green Turtle Talisman near the Summonwater Village Outskirts Site of Grace. In the southeastern part of the ruins, use a Stonesword Key to open the fog door at the bottom of some stairs. The Green Turtle Talisman is in a chest behind a door.

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Elden Ring Green Turtle Talisman Location

Erdtree’s Favor Guide & Location

Next, a great early-game Elden Ring Talisman to pick up is Erdtree’s Favor. This is because it increases your maximum HP, Stamina, and Equip Load.

You will also be able to find upgraded versions of this Talisman later on in the game!

Elden Ring Erdtree's Favor

You can grab Erdtree’s Favor in Fringefolk Hero’s Grave if you have two Stonesword keys. It’s past the traps and is guarded by two Grafted Scions – run past these if you’re a low level!

Make sure to get the Golden Seed in Fringefolk Hero’s Grave as well as the Banished Knight Oleg’s Spirit Ashes while you’re there!

Elden Ring Erdtree's Favor Location

Blessed Dew Talisman Guide & Location

Blessed Dew is one of the most underrated Talismans in Elden Ring. Gaining 2 HP per second doesn’t seem very impressive, but it can come in very handy when fighting one of Elden Ring’s challenging bosses or even when your Flask of Crimson Tears is empty.

Elden Ring Blessed Dew Talisman

You can get this Talisman to the west of the Divine Bridge Site of Grace in Leyndell, but it is guarded by a Golem. You can run past the Golem and to its right is the chest that contains the Blessed Dew Talisman.

If you haven’t been there yet, there is a trap chest on the top of the Tower of Return in the southwest of Weeping Peninsula!

Elden Ring Blessed Dew Shortcut Location
Location of the shortcut to the Blessed Dew Talisman

Radagon’s Icon Guide & Location

Last, but certainly not least, Radagon’s Icon is a Talisman that any mage would want. This is because it lets you cast spells quicker!

Elden Ring Radagon's Icon Map Location

You can find the Radagon’s Icon Talisman in the Raya Lucaria Academy. Go to the Debate Parlor Site of Grace, climb up a ladder and through the broken window and it’ll be inside a chest there.

Also, sorcerers will definitely want to check out where to find the best spell in the game – Comet Azur!

Make sure you go out of your way to pick up these best Elden Ring Talismans next time you’re venturing across the Lands Between!

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