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Elden Ring: Best Samurai Build – Weapons, Armor, Skills & More

FromSoftware’s latest release offers players more classes than ever when they first enter the Lands Between. If nimble swordsmanship and precise archery is your style, here’s how you can make the most of your Elden Ring Samurai build.

Elden Ring’s Class system lets you gear towards a certain playstyle right from the start, giving certain attributes a head-start.

The Samurai Class begins with boosted Vigor and Dexterity, which enables them to take more damage and wield more complex weaponry.

But, as you progress through Elden Ring, you’ll need to ensure you build upon those solid foundations. As the bosses get tougher, don’t be left with an inadequate arsenal that can’t get you through!

Here’s the best Samurai build available in Elden Ring!

Not sure what each attribute does exactly? Here’s our guide that explains them all in detail!

Update 9/10/2022
- Edited text to directly explain the benefit of each piece of equipment selected for a Samurai build
Elden Ring Samurai in Limgrave

Best Elden Ring Samurai Weapons

The best weapon for a Samurai build in Elden Ring is a katana. There are the eight katanas in Elden Ring which can be found scatted around the Lands Between:

It may not come as a surprise that the best choice of weapon for a Samurai is a katana. However, Elden Ring is a content-filled game, so choosing which katana to slice and dice with is a little trickier:

  • You should recognize the Uchigatana. It’s the default weapon for Elden Ring Samurai but is also one of the more reliable, especially after being upgraded.
  • The Rivers of Blood is an extremely popular choice right now for Elden Ring players. Here’s how you can utilize it as part of a Vampiric character set-up if your Samurai has a real lust for blood.
  • Hand of Malenia and Moonveil are also two of the more powerful katanas, and we’ve got all the information you need to know about them.

Make sure you pick the best of the best to suit your specific Samurai build. Check out our guide on Elden Ring’s best katanas & where to find them!

Elden Ring Best Katanas For Samurai Build & Where to Find Them

Best Samurai Ranged Weapons

The starting Longbow is proficient enough to stand the test of time throughout your hours of play, but, if you want to upgrade and try something new, these are the best bows for a Samurai build:

  • Pulley Bow
  • Serpent Bow
  • Horn Bow

These bows can hit targets from a suitable range, without being overly heavy. Therefore, you should be able to maintain your dextrous movement.

Or if you want something lighter to keep the weight off, here’s where you can buy a different kind of bow!

Best Elden Ring Samurai Armor

For a Samurai in Elden Ring, you can equip any armor set with a good physical defense rating, since you’re going to spend most of your time up close and personal with your foes.

It’s likely that the majority of the damage you take will come from physical melee attacks. However, you also want something lightweight to ensure you’re able to maneuver around your enemies at a moment’s notice.

Keep an eye on your armor weight and level up your Endurance if you can spare some Runes. Alternatively, you can try to claim an Imp Head (Wolf) helm, which boosts your Endurance by two!

A known drop site for this helm is also a cool puzzle dungeon. Here’s how to find it and complete the catacombs!

Elden Ring Tree Sentinel Closer

Best Elden Ring Samurai Skills

These are the best skills for a Samurai build:

  • Unsheathe (Uchigatana)
    • First of all, the base Uchigatana comes with the ‘Unsheathe’ Skill. This sets you in the classic Samurai pose, holding the weapon in its hip-sheathe until the right moment. Then, a light or strong attack will give two different results; a sweeping move that can clear out foes in front of you, or a devastating overhead slash that can deal huge damage.
  • Corpse Piler (Rivers of Blood)
    • The Rivers of Blood comes with the formidable ‘Corpse Piler‘ Skill. The name alone attests to the ferocity of this blood attack, mixing multiple slashes into a ridiculously strong combo move that also builds up Blood Loss and costs 17 FP.

Want to apply a different blood-based Ash of War to your favorite katana? Your best option is the Bloody Slash, and here’s how to find it!

Rivers of Blood Elden Ring

Best Elden Ring Samurai Talismans

Below are some of the best Talisman choices for a Samurai build:

  • Arrow’s Reach: This talisman will enable you to engage your foes from a distance, increasing the range of your bows. Combine this with one of the bows listed earlier, and your enemies won’t know what hit them!
  • Erdtree’s Favor: Buffs your HP, your equipment load, and your Stamina. The latter is essential for Samurai who like to duck and dive around bosses to follow up with multiple quick slashes.
  • Lord of Blood’s Exultation. This talisman raises your attack power whilst blood loss is occurring nearby. For example, attack an enemy a few times to cause Heamorraging, and your strikes will be stronger whilst that status ailment is active. Combine this with your bloodletting weapons, and anybody in your path is in for a bad time.

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To track down Erdree’s Favor and more of the best Talismans in Elden Ring, check out our guide complete with maps!

Building a Samurai but also want some magic integration? Here’s how you can obtain an overpowered blood incantation to chew through your adversaries!

Or maybe you’re content painting the Lands Between red? This is where you can find the White Mask Helm and boost your bleed ability!

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