If you’re thinking of crafting some Perfumes in Elden Ring, find out the best Aromatics and Spraymists you can make first!

Crafting is an often-overlooked part of Elden Ring that can make all the difference in life or death moments. Yet many players still forget that they can make items using the materials they pick up in the Lands Between.

Some of the most powerful items in Elden Ring are the Perfumes that you can craft. These can give you a wide range of abilities from turning into steel to unleashing an acid cloud on your enemies.

But which Perfumes are the most powerful in Elden Ring ad how do you make them?

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How to Craft & Use Perfumes in Elden Ring

To craft and use Perfumes you’ll need to get some Perfume Bottles to put your mixtures in; find Perfumer’s Cookbooks with recipes to craft them and collect the right ingredients.

Once you have these, you can use Elden Ring’s crafting system to make Perfumes (either Aromatics or Spraymists) that you can equip and use just like any other item!

But what do these Aromatics and Spraymists do, and which ones are the best to use?

Best Perfumes in Elden Ring

There are 6 different Perfumes in Elden Ring – here’s how we would rank all of the Aromatics and Spraymists in the game!

6. Acid Spraymist

Elden Rind Acid Spraymist

In last place on our list of best Perfumes in Elden Ring is the Acid Spraymist. This lets players breathe an acidic mist at enemies which damages their armaments and lowers their attack power.

It can be very useful in certain situations but you’re probably better off using the Perfumes higher up on our list.

Recipe: 1x Altus Bloom, 1x Miranda Powder, 4x Formic Rock

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5. Spark Aromatic

Elden Ring Spark Aromatic

Next up is Spark Aromatic. This Perfume scatters sparks in an arc at nearby enemies and damages them.

It’s certainly not bad but the other Perfumes in the game are more effective. Although, this could still be deadly in the right hands as its damage has A Scaling with Dexterity!

All of you with Dexterity builds will also want to check out the best STR and DEX weapons in Elden Ring!

Recipe: 1x Altus Bloom, 1x Miranda Powder

4. Poison Spraymist

Elden Ring Poison Spraymist

Meanwhile, the Poison Spraymist comes in 4th on our list of best Perfumes in Elden Ring. It releases a cloud of poison towards your enemies.

This is especially useful if you are using poison weapons or the poisonous Jellyfish Spirit Ash Summon in Elden Ring, as it can help you build up the status effect faster.

Recipe: 1x Altus Bloom, 1x Miranda Powder, 1x Poisonbloom.

3. Bloodboil Aromatic

Elden Ring Bloodboil Aromatic

Bloodboil Aromatic is another powerful Perfume that you can use as an all-or-nothing option to help you win battles.

It increases your maximum attack power and stamina at the cost of taking more damage from enemies. It’s perfect for risk-takers or anyone who likes to Power Stance weapons for huge damage.

Recipe: 2x Altus Bloom, 1x Budding Cave Moss, 1x Land Octopus Ovary, 1x Arteria Leaf

2. Uplifting Aromatic

Elden Ring Uplifting Aromatic

Now we are getting into the best Perfumes in Elden Ring. The Uplifting Aromatic reduces incoming damage once as well as boosts ally attack power.

This is very useful in boss battles as it lets you tank a single hit while getting very little damage. What’s more, if you have all of the Perfume Bottles, you can do this 10 times!

Use this Perfume while doing this easy trick to kill any Elden Ring boss, and even the toughest enemies will be a breeze!

Recipe: 1x Altus Bloom, 1x Budding Cave Moss, 1x Silver Tear Husk, 1x Arteria Leaf.

1. Ironjar Aromatic

Elden Ring Ironjar Aromatic

Finally, the best Perfume in all of Elden Ring is Ironjar Aromatic. Drinking this turns your body into steel which boosts your poise, resistances, and damage negation.

This added survivability alongside the best Vampire Build in Elden Ring will make you practically unkillable!

The downsides to this Aromatic are that you become very vulnerable to lightning and you move a lot slower and can’t roll. However, this is a small price to pay for such a powerful ability.

Recipe: 2x Altus Bloom, 1x Budding Cave Moss, 3x Living Jar Shard.

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And those are all of the best Perfumes in Elden Ring! Go ahead and get collecting materials so you can craft these powerful mixtures!

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