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Elden Ring: Best Class for Beginners

Elden Ring can be daunting, so it’s best that players know the best class suited for their playstyle. Here’s everything you need to know about the best class for beginners in Elden Ring.

When you first boot up Elden Ring you’ll notice that you’re presented with ten different starting classes. The first thing you’ll want to know is which one is the best. Well, this truly depends on your playstyle and how you want to approach the Land Betweens.

Elden Ring is the latest game from FromSoftware and has redefined what we know about open-world games. It’s one of the best-reviewed games ever on Open Critic and boasts a huge map with plenty to do.

So ensuring you choose the best starting class for your playstyle is essential. You’ll find everything you need to know about the best starting class in Elden Ring down below.

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Elden Ring: Best Overall Class for Beginners

The best overall class for players starting their Elden Ring journey is the Vagabond class.

Elden Ring Vagabond Class

To ensure that you understand why the Vagabond is the best overall class, first, you will need to understand the stats in Elden Ring and what each of them mean.

The Vagabond is great for beginner players due to its fortitude and ability at close-range. From the start, players will be able to equip heavy armor, which will allow them to take much more punishment.

This allows players a little more room for error. The Vagabond also comes equipped with a straight sword and shield, which means that players will be able to learn essential combat techniques like parrying more easily.

Players start with high Strength, Vigor, and Dexterity stats which allow players to decide if they want to go more towards Strength-based weapons or Dexterity-based weapons.

It does come with low Intelligence and Faith stats, so players looking to use magic will need to build towards it. Even then, they may only be able to use some basic spells. So it’s not ideal for players looking to use Incantations and Sorceries as their main attacks.

Alternative Starting Classes for Beginners

Alternatively, if players aren’t too fond of the Vagabond look and want to check out other options the Warrior Class and Samurai Class are also great options.

The Vagabond is your best bet at a forgiving starter class. For players with a little more experience that want a few more options, the Warrior Class and Samurai Class aren’t too far behind.

The Samurai Class allows players to be a threat both at close-range and long-range while still being able to take a formidable amount of damage. They come equipped with a katana and long-bow.

Elden Ring Samurai Class

It’s a class built around Dexterity stats which means they’ll be quicker with their weapons which might suit players that like being lighter on their feet.

The Warrior Class is another well-rounded class that allows players to learn the ropes of combat. It can deal high amounts of melee damage but suffers a bit when it comes to defense. Thankfully, this class allows players to be quick on their feet to avoid being damaged at all.

Elden Ring Warrior Class

Its stats are also catered to Dexterity at first but can be built up depending on what players need. It’s a dual-wielding class that starts out with two scimitars.

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Elden Ring: Best Beginner Class for Sorcery

The best class for players looking to use Sorceries with their builds in Elden Ring is the Astrologer Class.

Elden Ring Astrologer Class

Players looking to use spells during their Elden Ring playthrough need to understand exactly what goes into casting Sorceries.

The Astrologer class is great for players looking to bring chaos to their enemies with celestial spells and have a fighting chance at close-range. From the start, players will come equipped with a staff for casting Sorceries and a small sword.

This ensures that new players have a fighting chance should they accidentally run out of Focus Points mid-battle. Focus Points are an essential part of any build looking to use sorceries or incantations.

Players start with high Intelligence and Mind stats to help them cast sorceries from the beginning. There are plenty of different sorceries that will become available to players as they progress through their adventures.

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Elden Ring: Best Beginner Class for Incantations

The best class for players looking to use Incantations with their builds in Elden Ring is the Prophet.

Elden Ring Prophet Class

Players looking to use Incantations during their Elden Ring playthrough should understand all the kinds of Incantations that are in the game.

The Prophet class is great for players looking to be an overall force when it comes to playing with allies. FromSoftware has made sure that players in Elden Ring will be able to access their multiplayer options more easily.

Which is great news for Prophet players that specialize in healing spells. From the start, players will be equipped with a sacred seal to cast Incantations and a spear.

Players start with high Faith and Mind stats which means that they will be able to cast great healing spells, but they may be more prone to damage.

So even though this is the best class for people who like to use Incantations, we highly recommend going with either the Vagabond or Astrologer if you’re relatively new to souls-like games.

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Elden Ring Gameplay

Although it can seem overwhelming to jump into the world of Elden Ring, Miyazaki, the game’s director, has assured players that it will offer a more “leisurely pace”.

And, for players looking for more control over their class and a bit more of a challenge, check out why the Wretch might be the starting class for you!

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