The world of Elden Ring is daunting, and new players might find themselves overwhelmed with no idea where to head in the first area of the game, Limgrave.

FromSoftware’s newest adventure, Elden Ring, can be a lot for new players to process.

It can be overwhelming with an open world as vast as the Lands Between and with not much to guide players just starting their journey.

There’s no guide telling you exactly where to go, so players might even accidentally find themselves face to face with a boss that they can barely dent.

To avoid a situation like that, here’s where you should go and what you should do first when making your way into Limgrave.

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Elden Ring Cave

Elden Ring: Beginner’s Guide to Limgrave

Limgrave is the starting area of Elden Ring. Well, once you get through the customary first death.

Once you tested your might and failed, you’ll be reborn at a Site of Grace in some catacombs.

From here, players will need to make their way up to the elevator to reach the starting area of Elden Ring and the Lands Between, Limgrave.

Talk to the NPC waiting and activate the Site of Grace next to him. He’ll explain that while there are no set routes players can take, there is a golden light that will guide their way.

This guiding light is great for players who want to complete the main storyline but not for players looking to survive.

One of the main things players will want is to level up their character and get stronger. But exploring can be just as valuable for beginner players.

So here’s what you should be doing.

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Head to the Church of Elleh

The Church of Elleh is a location in the Lands Between where players will be able to acquire different items that will make their journey more manageable.

Obtain a Crafting Kit

One of the first things you’re going to want to do is get a crafting kit. One of the new mechanics of Elden Ring is the ability to craft special items.

This can be pretty useful because you won’t need to head to merchants when you need firebombs or healing items for your horse. Getting the Crafting Kit is pretty straightforward.

Once you activate the first Site of Grace, you can follow the golden light down the path, and it will lead you directly to the Church of Elleh.

Here you will find Merchant Kale. After some dialogue, you’ll be able to browse their shop.

Merchant Kale Elden Ring

Here you will find the Crafting Kit for 300 Runes. They’ll also offer some cooking recipes, which are items you’ll need to learn new recipes for crafting.

Once purchased, you’ll be able to start crafting items!

We also recommend purchasing the Cracked Pot for 300 Runes. This will allow you to craft throwable items such as Fire Bomb.

It’s worth noting once you buy a Cracked Pot, it will regenerate with each use. But you can buy more Cracked Pots to increase the number of items you can craft. Also, buy a torch, you will need it!

Unlock Fast Travel, Obtain a Mount, and Increase Your Level

Once you obtain your mount in Elden Ring, you will also unlock the ability to fast travel to any Site of Grace found during your journey.

Elden Ring Mount

Meet Melina

Finding your mount in Elden Ring is pretty simple and can be done without fighting many enemies in Limgrave. You just need to follow the correct steps.

Here’s what you need to do to meet Melina:

  • From the Church of Elleh you’ll want to make your way down the path once more.
  • This will lead you to a forest and some soldiers walking around with torches. The visibility is low so it’s easy to stay crouched and hidden.
  • You can either take these enemies down or avoid them. It’s up to you. They may drop some armor but depending on your build and class, it may not even be suited for you.
  • Once you reach the end of the forest you’ll come across a camp. There are about a dozen enemies here and some heavy-hitting ones but thankfully you won’t need to fight them.
  • Make your way left after exiting the small forest and follow the Stormgate wall.
  • Just follow the wall, past the entrance, and there you will find a Site of Grace. Rest here and it will trigger a cut scene.

Here you will meet Melina. Talk to her, and she’ll give you the ability to summon Torrent, your magical steed.

Unlocking Torrent will also allow players to fast travel to any previously visited Site of Grace.

It is worth noting that any Site of Grace would work as long as it’s the third Site of Grace you rest at. This is just the easiest way.

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Level Up Your Character & Upgrade Flasks

Meeting Melina will also allow players to level up their characters and upgrade their flasks.

Elden Ring Melina

Players will immediately realize why meeting Melina should be so high on their list of priorities.

Once you’ve talked to her, she will allow players to level up their characters and upgrade their flasks at any Site of Grace that they rest.

To do this, players will need two things.

Upgrading your flasks will be helpful for healing yourself during battle.

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Obtain Your First Spirt Ashes

Elden Ring Magic

Once you’ve unlocked fast travel, players will be able to head back to the Church of Elleh to obtain the Spirit Calling Bell and Lone Wolf Spirit Ashes.

Obtaining the Spirit Calling Bell & Lone Wolf Spirit Ashes

To obtain the Spirit Calling Bell & Lone Wolf Spirit Ashes, players simply need to fast travel back to the Church of Elleh.

This event only occurs during nighttime! If it is not nighttime yet, you can rest on a Site of Grace and past time.

There should be a mist surrounding the area and a mysterious NPC perched on the ruins if done correctly.

This NPC is the witch Renna, and speaking with her will reward you with the Spirit Calling Bell & Lone Wolf Ashes.

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Find Merchants & Patches

Merchants will offer players various items, weapons, and armor to help them while on their journey to the Lands Between.

When players drop into a new open-world game, one of the first things they’ll want is to improve their equipment. It’s difficult not to look for better items when all you have is your starting set.

Elden Ring is no different. Players will be able to find some pretty unique weapons and armor in the Lands Between. But some areas might be too difficult for them to explore when you’re just getting started.

So it’s great to purchase some things from Merchants. Here’s some that might be of interest to you.

Nomadic Merchants

Nomadic Merchant Elden Ring

Throughout the Lands Between, you’ll encounter many Nomadic Merchants. Each with their own goods to sell. They usually also sell notes that will point players to some rare items.

Thankfully, even new Elden Ring players can find a few in Limgrave.

  • Nomadic Merchant West Limgrave: Can be found sitting under a collapsed ruin near the Coastal Cave entrance. Northwest of “The First Step” Site of Grace.
  • Nomadic Merchant North Limgrave: Can be found near the Stormhill Bridge. They will be north of the “Agheel Lake North” Site of Grace.

Knight Bernahl

Elden Ring Knight Bernahl

Knight Bernahl will allow players to purchase Ashes of War. Ashes of War are powerful melee abilities that can mean the difference between life and death.

Finding him is relatively simple but can easily be missed by players rushing through.

He’s located at the Warmaster’s Shack in Stormhill. To find him, simply pass through the Stormgate area and continue on the path until you reach the Stormhill Shack.

From here, take a right and adventure in the forest. You should see the Warmaster’s Shack and find Knight Bernahl. Now you can purchase Ashes of War from him.


There is no right or wrong way to go about Elden Ring. We can offer guidance, but it’s really up to players how they want to experience Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Golem Boss

Don’t feel obligated to defeat an enemy the first time you see them. It’s okay to leave the area and level yourself up a bit before returning.

Make sure you understand how your stats work and how they affect your character build.

Find a set of armor that works for you. Learn how to upgrade your equipment.

If you’re starting with a magic-based class, make sure you understand Focus Points and how important they are for your survival.

The world of Elden Ring is daunting but mesmerizing. It’s no surprise that it currently sits as one of Open Critic’s best-reviewed games of all time.