Elden Ring’s Tree Sentinel is a difficult boss to face, despite being one of the first enemies you meet in Limgrave. Here’s how you can defeat him.

While Elden Ring may have only a few required bosses, the enemies that parade across The Lands Between are some of the most interesting.

This is no different for the Tree Sentinel. This boss traverses one of the many areas of Elden Ring in an attempt to defeat you, the player.

Just like any other boss, Tree Sentinel can be defeated. But before you kill him, here’s where you can find him.

Elden Ring Tree Sentinel from First Site

Where to Find the Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring

The Tree Sentinel can be found between the first Site of Grace in Limgrave and the Church of Elleh.

The Tree Sentinel boss fight will begin once you get close to him, and at the start of the game, this isn’t advisable.

Tree Sentinel is noticeable by his golden heavy armor and the fact he’s riding on horseback. He also has a large golden halberd and a big shield.

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If this is your first time finding Tree Sentinel, we would say continue the game as usual. He’s meant to show the player that you can explore elsewhere as opposed to fighting everything.

However, if you still want to fight the Tree Sentinel, here’s how you can take on this nasty boss.

Elden Ring Boss Location

How to Defeat the Tree Sentinel

The Tree Sentinel is a difficult boss, and it’s recommended to leave him until you’re leveled up further.

Before taking on the Tree Sentinel boss fight, you should find your spectral mount. Here’s how to unlock and summon Torrent in Elden Ring.

Once you’ve gained access to Torrent, you’re already one step towards defeating this boss.

Next, continue to level up using Runes and by progressing through the game. Explore Limgrave, take on smaller bosses, dungeons, and the like.

If you’re playing a Magic build, I’d also recommend getting the Meteorite Staff. Here’s where you can find one of the best early game weapons in Elden Ring.

This staff offers S scaling in Intelligence, making it a great early game weapon. Close to its location in Caelid, there’s a spell called Rock Sling, which is also pretty powerful.

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Once you’ve levelled up enough, it’s time to take on the Tree Sentinel. Head to the Church of Elleh or First Steps Sites of Grace and find him.

Elden Ring Tree Sentinel Closer

If you have a ranged weapon or are using the Rock Sling spell, get some early hits in to get a head start. Once he’s aware of you, he’ll start his attack.

The Tree Sentinel hits extremely hard, but luckily, Torrent is extremely hasty. Use your horse to dodge attacks.

He has a couple of heavy hits, which upon landing, lock him into place for a few moments. Use this time to get a few hits in and then dodge away.

For those using spells, Tree Sentinel will occasionally hold his shield up and it will glow yellow. Do NOT fire at this time. He will return projectiles that hit his shield with a high damage shot which is very fast. A couple of these will kill you.

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If you’re struggling to keep up and find your flasks consistently running out, it may be best to leave him and find some Golden Seeds to upgrade your flask quantity.

Once you have the rhythm of his attacks nailed down and are consistently avoiding him, you should be able to drop his health slowly. Remember to dodge his heavy attacks and get a couple of hits before he attacks again.

It’s also good to use some of your summons. These spirits will keep him occupied, which is great for free hits, especially for sorcery users.

You may die a few times attempting this boss fight, but it’s part of the learning. Hopefully soon, you’ll be able to kill him and add a new boss onto your defeated list.

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