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Elden Ring: How to Beat Crucible Knight – Boss Guide

You may think Limgrave’s starting area will ease you into the brutality of FromSoftware’s latest release. You’d be wrong, so here’s our guide to beating the Crucible Knight boss in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring offers many optional bosses that you can face if you’re feeling brave enough. Some of them are easier to find than others, often along the main story route guided by “grace.”

The Crucible Knight is slightly off the beaten path as you ascend Stormhill towards Stormveil Castle. Head left near the Golden Seed and you’ll soon find a glowing circular stone formation.

This is the Evergaol, a kind of prison cell, holding the Crucible Knight. You wouldn’t know it until you’re inside, but this boss is one of the most fearsome in Elden Ring’s early game.

Therefore, it’s essential to make sure you’re adequately prepared for battle by getting off to the best start in the Lands Between.

Crucible Knight's Location in Stormhill

Best Strategy to Beat Crucible Knight

Here’s the intel you need to bring down the Crucible Knight.

  • The Crucible Knight’s Evergaol is a Spirit-free zone. No summoning of Ashes is allowed, even if you do have the best the early game has to offer.
  • This boss can take out huge chunks of your HP with single attacks, so make sure your Flasks are upgraded enough to stay the course.
  • His attacks are parriable with a shield, if your timing is right. This opens up the chance for a devastating critical hit.
  • Ranged players may be disadvantaged as Crucible Knight rarely lowers his shield, but he will take chip damage even when blocking. Be sure to stock up on projectiles and Cerulean Flasks.
  • Melee characters will have an easier run, although your dodge timing needs to be near-perfect. Luckily, his attacks are well telegraphed, so be patient and composed.
  • For a moment, Crucible Knight will place his shield on his back and two-hand his sword. Don’t get ahead of yourself, as a lethal AoE attack is coming, followed by an overhead slam and two swirling slashes…

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Crucible Knight whips its tail
  • …Your instinct will be to roll backwards, but instead, dodge around the boss. This will give you the chance to land multiple free hits whilst Crucible Knight retrieves his shield.
  • He will also charge with his shield. Dodge around this to set up another free hit or two.
  • Be aware that Crucible Knight’s range is longer than you might think. In particular, his lunge attack as part of a combo will cover some serious distance!
  • Crucible Knight has a second phase in which he’ll sprout wings and a tail. When he launches into the air, be ready to roll as he’ll fly at you immediately! Don’t try to block this attack.
  • When the tail comes out, you have two options: Roll, or jump for a Poise-crushing heavy hit.
  • At the end of his combo, Crucible Knight will do often use that tail swipe attack. Alternatively, the boss will perfom two consecutive swipes that cover massive distance. Roll through these.
  • Although unconfirmed, fire seems to be useful against Crucible Knight so make sure you know how to craft fire-related items to use in battle.

It also means that the legendary Sword of Night and Flame is a great weapon to help you out here!

Crucible Knight Boss Loot – Aspects of the Crucible: Tail

Turn the tables with the reward for slaying the Crucible Knight. Now you can whip around a tail of your own using this Incantation!

Want to find the best Faith-based weaponry to go with your newly obtained Incantation? Here’s the gear you need to scale up for maximum damage!

Or maybe you’re still struggling to master the Crucible Knight? Check out how you can get infinite smithing stones and upgrade your arsenal.

Check out the video guide from Fextralife to see this encounter in all its glory.

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