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Elden Ring: All Merchant Locations & Unique Items

In a world as vast as the Lands Between, acquiring that missing ingredient can be tedious. But, we’re here to make life easier with the locations and wares of every Merchant in Elden Ring!

Traveling salesmen setting up shop in remote locations, with only their weary steed for company. Such is the life of an Elden Ring Merchant.

Business is hardly booming, but somehow they seem to get by. Poisonous swamps and deadly cliff-faces are prime locations in the Lands Between, apparently.

But, despite to challenges of tracking them down, sometimes the items they have for sale make it worthwhile. Here’s where you can find every Merchant in Elden Ring, along with the noteworthy wares they’re selling.

And if you’d like to tackle all 51 of Elden Ring’s dungeons along the way, here’s where you can find those too!

Elden Ring Merchant Kale

Elden Ring Merchant Types & How Many Are There

With a few exceptions, FromSoftware breaks down the game’s 19 traveling Merchants into three types, although there is very little difference between each:

  • Nomadic
  • Isolated
  • Hermit

So, below are the locations of every Merchant in Elden Ring, listed by region. Note that we won’t be including named NPC Merchants who are likely to be involved in quests and/or change location.

And if you want to find every Site of Grace along the way to make fast traveling easier, follow our guide to locate them all!


  1. Merchant Kalé (Church of Elleh) – Telescope; Crafting Kit; Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (1); Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (2); Torch; Large Leather Shield; Chain Armor Set
  2. Nomadic Merchant (West Limgrave) – Armorer’s Cookbook (2); Shortbow; Broadsword; Iron Roundshield; Club
  3. Nomadic Merchant (East Limgrave) – Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (5); Armorer’s Cookbook (3); St. Trina’s Arrow; Handaxe; Riveted Wooden Shield; Blue-Gold Kite Shield
  4. Nomadic Merchant (North Limgrave) – Cracked Pot; Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (3); Short Sword; Halberd; Bandit Mask

Before moving on to a new area, make sure you’ve covered everything Limgrave has to offer by following our guide to the region!

Limgrave Merchant Map

Weeping Peninsula

  1. Isolated Merchant (West Peninsula) – Lantern; Stonesword Key x3; Zweihander; Lost Ashes of War; Sacrificial Twig x3; Asteria Leaf x5
  2. Nomadic Merchant (East Peninsula) – Cracked Pot; Stonesword Key; Bastard Sword; Light Crossbow; Crimson Amber Medallion; Iron Armor Set; Red Thorn Roundshield; Round Shield

The best Talismans are found, not bought. Here’s where you can find far superior medallions and charms!

Weeping Peninsula Merchant Map

Liurnia of the Lakes

  1. Nomadic Merchant (West Liurnia) – Lantern; Estoc; Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (11); Astrologer’s Staff; Astrologer’s Armor Set; Kit Shield
  2. Isolated Merchant (Raya Lucaria) – Stonesword Key x3; Fanged Imp Ashes; Fevor’s Cookbook (2); Blue Cloth Armor; Warrior Armor; Trina’s Lily; Eye of Yelough; Sacrificial Twig; Meteor Bolt; St. Trina’s Arrows; Lost Ashes of War
  3. Nomadic Merchant (North Liurnia) – Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (13); Composite Bow; Blue Crest Heater Shield; Rift Shield; Rune Arc

Not sure what a Rune Arc is? They’re actually really important. Check out our guide that explains everything you need to know about these key items!

Liurnia Merchant Map


  1. Isolated Merchant (Dragonbarrow)* – Dragonwound Grease; Gravel Stone x10; Ritual Pot; Lost Ashes of War x2; Spiked Caestus; Serpent Arrows; Beast-Repellent Torch; Land of Reeds Armor Set; Sacrificial Twig
    • *Only present during daytime.
  2. Nomadic Merchant (Caelid) – Stonesword Key; Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (15); Cracked Pot; Greathelm; Champion Armor Set
  3. Wandering Merchant (Caelid Highway North) – Preserving Boluses; Poisonbone Dart; Poisoned Stone; Poisoned Stone Clump; Aeonian Butterfly; Fire Arrow

Caelid is a wretched place. Make sure you follow our guide to dealing with Scarlet Rot before it’s too late!

Caelid Merchant Map

Altus Plateau

  1. Nomadic Merchant (Altus Plateau) – Stonesword Key x3; Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook (2); Red Crest Heater Shield; Scorpion Kite Shield; Crossed-Tree Towershield; Tree Surcoat
  2. Hermit Merchant (Leyndell Outskirts) – Rune Arc x3; Perfume Bottle; Sentry’s Torch; Distinguished Greatshield; Prophet’s Armor Set; Consort’s Armor Set

Not sure how to access Altus Plateau? We’ve got you covered, with our guide explaining both methods!

Altus Plateau Merchant Map

Mt. Gelmir

  1. Nomadic Merchant (Mt. Gelmir) – Stonesword Key; Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (20); Guilty Hood; Confessor armor Set; Great Arrow; Ballista Bolt; Explosive Bolt; Explosive Greatbolt
Mt. Gelmir Merchant Map

Mountaintops of the Giants

  1. Hermit Merchant (Stargazers’ Ruins) – Stoneword Key x3; Missionary’s Cookbook (7); Vagabond Armor Set

This Merchant has set up shop right next to another NPC. Here’s how you can cure her loneliness and gain access to some locked-away loot!

Mountaintops of the Giants Merchant Map

Ainsel River

  1. Wandering Merchant (South Temple) – Gravity Stone Fan x20; Gravity Stone Chunk x10; Lost Ashes of War; Celestial Dew; Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (16); Perfumer’s Cookbook (4); Prisoner Armor Set
Ainsel River Merchant Map

Siofra River

  1. Abandoned Merchant (Lower Siofra) – Soap x3; Nascent Butterfly x5; Stonesword Key x3; Larval Tear; Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (17); Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (18); Shotel; Dwelling Arrow
  2. Imprisoned Merchant (Upper Siofra) – Rune Arc x3; Stanching Boluses x3; Festering Bloody Finger x10; Bloodrose; Stonesword Key x5; Lost Ashes of War; Dwelling Arrow; Burred Bolt

Larval Tears are another item that is vital to a successful Elden Ring playthrough. Here’s how you can use them to re-spec your character build to suit any encounter!

Siofra River Merchant Map

Should You Kill Merchants in Elden Ring?

If you don’t want to keep traveling back and forth to each Merchant around the Lands Between, there is an easier way of purchasing their wares: kill them.

Some merciless brutality will reward you with each Merchant’s Bell Bearing, allowing their items to be bought from the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold.

And that’s everything you need to know about the traveling Merchants trading around the world of Elden Ring. Honest pay for honest work… but I’ll stick to Demi-God slaying.

Now you’re stocked up, it’s time to tackle some bosses. Check out our guide to every Evergaol in Elden Ring!

And if you’re ready to take on something larger, find out where you can obtain every Dragon Heart across the Lands Between!

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