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Elden Ring: All Dungeons Locations & Their Bosses

The Lands Between takes the open-world format to new heights, with the biggest prizes hidden in the game’s linear locations. Inhabited by elite bosses, here’s where you can find all of Elden Ring’s secluded dungeons!

Caves, catacombs, and tunnels. Elden Ring offers a variety of murky, underground lairs to venture through in search of treasure. And in a game of this scale, you’d expect there to be a lot of places to look.

And you’d be correct. In fact, Elden Ring has a whopping fifty-two dungeons for your Tarnished to dig through.

Each one of them contains a boss, which either drops or guards a piece of gear. If you’re a completionist, or just want to give yourself options when it comes to combat, make sure you journey into all of them.

And if you’re looking to fight even more bosses, here’s where you can find every Evergaol in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring Cave

All 52 Elden Ring Dungeons

This guide will list the location, boss, and major loot of all fifty-twodungeons.

It will be broken up by the individual regions of the Lands Between, with a map for each, in the order that most players will take during their playthrough.

For a more generalized guide, check out our full, detailed run-down of everything Elden Ring has to offer, and make sure you don’t miss anything during your adventures!

Limgrave (10 Dungeons)

  1. Stranded Graveyard (Tutorial) – Boss: Soldier of Godrick
  2. Fringefolk Hero’s Grave – Boss: Ulcerated Tree Spirit
    • Drops: Banished Knight Oleg’s Ashes, Golden Seed
  3. Groveside Cave – Boss: Beastman of Farum Azula
    • Drops: Flamedrake Talisman
  4. Stormfoot Catacombs – Boss: Erdtree Burial Watchdog
    • Drops: Noble Sorcerer Ashes
  5. Limgrave Tunnels – Boss: Stonedigger Troll
    • Drops: Roar Medallion
  6. Murkwater Cave – Boss: Patches (Quest NPC)
    • Drops (if killed): Grovel For Mercy Gesture
    • Drops (if spared): Grovel For Mercy Gesture; Trap Chest; Becomes Merchant
  7. Murkwater Catacombs – Boss: Grave Warden Duelist
    • Drops: Banished Knight Engvall Ashes
  8. Deathtouched Catacombs – Boss: Black Knife Assassin
    • Drops: Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger; Black Knifeprint
  9. Highroad Cave – Boss: Guardian Golem
    • Drops: Blue Dancer Charm
  10. Coastal Cave – Boss: Demi-Human Chief x2

Looking for more things to discover in Limgrave? Here’s our guide covering everything you should do in the region before advancing!

Limgrave Dungeons Map
Map Genie, FromSoftware

Weeping Peninsula (5 Dungeons)

  1. Earthbore Cave – Boss: Runebear
    • Drops: Spelldrake Talisman
  2. Impaler’s Catacombs – Boss: Erdtree Burial Watchdog
    • Drops: Demi-Human Ashes
  3. Morne Tunnel – Boss: Scaly Misbegotten
    • Drops: Rusted Anchor
  4. Tombsward Catacombs – Boss: Cemetary Shade
    • Drops: Lhutel the Headless Ashes
  5. Tombsward Cave – Boss: Miranda the Blighted Bloom
    • Drops: Viridian Amber Medallion
Weeping Peninsula Dungeon Map
Map Genie, FromSoftware

Liurnia of the Lake (7 Dungeons)

  1. Stillwater Cave – Boss: Cleanrot Knight
    • Drops: Winged Sword Insignia
  2. Cliffbottom Catacombs – Boss: Erdtree Burial Watchdog
    • Drops: Kaiden Sellsword Ashes
  3. Lakeside Crystal Cave – Boss: Bloodhound Knight
    • Drops: Cerulean Amber Medallion
  4. Road’s End Catacombs – Boss: Spirit Summoner Snail
    • Drops: Glintstone Sorcerer Ashes
  5. Academy Crystal Cave – Boss: Spear Crystalian; Staff Crystalian
    • Drops: Crystal Release Sorcery
  6. Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel – Boss: Ringblade Crystalian
    • Drops: Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing (1)
  7. Black Knife Catacombs – Boss: (Secret Boss) Black Knife Assassin; Cemetary Shade
    • Drops: (Secret Boss) Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger & Black Knifeprint; Twinsage Sorcerer Ashes

Looking for more Bell Bearings? Here’s our guide to help you find all of them scattered around the Lands Between!

Elden Ring Liurnia Dungeon Map
Map Genie, FromSoftware

Caelid (9 Dungeons)

  1. Gael Tunnel – Boss: Magma Wyrm
  2. Minor Erdtree Catacombs – Boss: Erdtree Burial Watchdog x2
    • Drops: Mad Pumpkin Head Ashes
  3. Gaol Cave – Boss: Frenzied Duelist
    • Drops: Putrid Corpse Ashes
  4. Abandoned Cave – Boss: Spear Cleanrot Knight; Sickle Cleanrot Knight
  5. Caelid Catacombs – Boss: Cemetary Shade
    • Drops: Kindred of Rot Ashes
  6. Sellia Crystal Tunnel – Boss: Fallingstar Beast
    • Drops: Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing (1); Smithing Stone (7) x5; Somber Smithing Stone (6)
  7. Dragonbarrow Cave – Boss: Beastman of Farum Azula
    • Drops: Flamedrake Talisman +2
  8. War-Dead Catacombs – Boss: Putrid Tree Spirit
    • Drops: Redmane Knight Ogha Ashes; Golden Seed
  9. Sellia Hideaway – Boss: Crystalians x3
    • Drops: Crystal Torrent Sorcery

Sellia Hideaway is a location in Sorceress Sellen’s questline. Here’s our guide to completing her story and obtaining the loot!

Elden Ring Caelid Dungeons
Map Genie, FromSoftware

Altus Plateau (7 Dungeons)

  1. Lux Ruins – Boss: Demi-Human Queen Gilika
    • Drops: Ritual Sword Talisman
  2. Perfumer’s Grotto – Boss: Miranda the Blighted Bloom; Omen Killer
    • Drops: Great Omenkiller Cleaver
  3. Altus Tunnel – Boss: Spear Crystalian; Ringblade Crystalian
    • Drops: Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing (2)
  4. Sealed Tunnel – Boss: Onyx Lord
    • Drops: Onyx Lord’s Greatsword
  5. Old Altus Tunnel – Boss: Stonedigger Troll
    • Drops Great Club
  6. Wyndham Catacombs – Boss: Erdtree Burial Watchdog
    • Drops: Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing (1)
  7. Sage’s Cave – Boss: (Secret Boss) Black Knife Assassin; Necromancer Garris
    • Drops: (Secret Boss) Conceiling Veil; Family Heads

Still wondering how to access Altus Plateau? Here’s our guide, where we’ve detailed both methods!

Elden Ring Altus Plateau Dungeons Map
Map Genie, FromSoftware

Mt. Gelmir (4 Dungeons)

  1. Unsightly Catacombs – Boss: Perfumer Tricia; Misbegotten Warrior
    • Drops: Perfumer Tricia Ashes
  2. Seethewater Cave – Boss: Kindred of Rot x2
    • Drops: Kindred of Rot’s Exultation
  3. Volcano Cave – Boss: Demi-Human Queen Margot
    • Drops: Jar Cannon
  4. Gelmir Hero’s Grave – Boss: Red Wolf of Radagon
    • Drops: Bloodhound Knight Floh Ashes

Gelmir Hero’s Grave is one of three dungeons containing destructible Chariots. Here’s how you can demolish them and loot their debris!

Mt. Gelmir Dungeons Map
Map Genie, FromSoftware

Leyndell, Capital City (2 Dungeons)

  1. Auriza Side Tomb – Boss: Grave Warden Duelist
    • Drops: Soldjars of Fortune Ashes
  2. Auriza Hero’s Grave – Boss: Crucible Knight; Crucible Knight Ordovis
    • Drops: Crucible Armor Set; Ordovis’s Greatsword

Need a refresher on how to beat the Crucible Knights? Or perhaps these are the first ones you’ve faced? Check out our guide to killing these tough foes!

Leyndell Dungeon Maps
Map Genie, FromSoftware

Mountaintops of the Giants (4 Dungeons)

  1. Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave – Boss: Ancient Hero of Zamor
    • Drops: Zamor Curved Sword; Zamor Set
  2. Giant’s Mountaintop Catacombs – Boss: Ulcerated Tree Spirit
    • Drops: Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing (2); Golden Seed
  3. Spiritcaller’s Cave – Boss: Godskin Apostle; Godskin Noble
    • Drops: Godskin Swaddling Cloth; Black Flame Ritual Incantation
  4. Stargazers’ Ruins -Boss: Puzzle Seal
    • Drops: Primal Glintstone Blade

Stargazers’ Ruins is a unique dungeon that requires brains over brawn. But, if you’d prefer to read the solution, we’ve got you covered with our guide that’ll get you inside!

Mountaintops of the Giants Dungeons Map
Map Genie, FromSoftware

Consecrated Snowfield (4 Dungeons)

  1. Cave of the Forlorn – Boss: Misbegotten Crusader
    • Drops: Golden Order Greatsword
  2. Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs – Boss: Putrid Grave Warden Duelist
    • Drops: Great Grave Glovewort; Rotten Gravekeeper Cloak
  3. Hidden Path to the Haligtree – Boss: Stray Mimic Tear
    • Drops: Blackflame Monk Amon Ashes
  4. Yelough Anix Tunnel – Boss: Astel, Stars of Darkness
    • Drops: Meteorite of Astel

If you need to figure out how to get to the Consecrated Snowfield, follow our guide that will give you a play-by-play walkthrough to access this secret area!

Elden Ring Consecrated Snowfield Dungeons Map
Map Genie, FromSoftware

And… relax. Fifty-two dungeons pillaged. Fifty-one bosses and a lonely Jellyfish dealt with. Good job, Tarnished. Maybe it’s time for a break…?

…At one of Elden Ring’s numerous Sites of Grace! Here’s where you can take a load off at every single Grace location around the Lands Between!

Or if you’re not looking for an epic quest, and just want to become Elden Lord in a hurry, check out the much lower number of mandatory bosses you’ll need to defeat!

Take a look at Map Genie if you want an interactive view of the Lands Between as a whole.

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