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Elden Ring 1.04.1 Update Fixes Malenia & Elden Beast – Patch Notes

The Elden Ring 1.04.1 update has just dropped and it includes fixes for two of the most difficult bosses in the game – Malenia and the Elden Beast. Here’s the full patch notes!

Elden Ring is supposed to be a tough game, however, one boss in particular has been a lot tougher than intended recently.

The most recent Elden Ring update introduced a glitch that made the Malenia boss fight way more difficult. This was the last thing players needed as most were already struggling to defeat her.

In fact, plenty of players summoned the Elden Ring Legend ‘Let Me Solo Her’ to single-handedly destroy Malenia for them!

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Elden Ring Malenia Glitch After 1 04 Patch Makes Boss Fight Even Harder

Luckily, developer FromSoftware has just released a hotfix patch this addresses this issue with Malenia. What’s more, it has a fix for the Elden Beast and other bosses too!

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Elden Ring 1.04.1 Update Patch Notes – Malenia & Elden Beast Boss Battle Fixes & More

The 1.041 patch is a small one but it includes fixes for two of the 5 most difficult boss battles in Elden Ring.

Here is the full Elden Ring 1.04.1 Patch notes, courtesy of FromSoftware:

  • Fixed a bug in which the effect duration of the Cerulean Hidden Tear was revised downward
  • Fixed a bug with Malenia, Blade of Miquella in which her HP was not healed correctly in the online multiplayer environment
  • Fix for bug that caused some bosses to die at unintended times
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the boss “Elden Beast” from working properly under certain circumstances
  • Fixed some texts

And those are the patch notes for the Elden Ring 1.04.1 update – let’s hope this Malenia fix actually works!

Now that Malenia should be working as intended again, make sure to check out our Malenia, Blade of Miquella boss guide to easily beat her!

In other news, players have found the explanation behind Elden Ring’s mysterious Colosseum! This was one of the biggest questions fans had ever since the game came out.

malenia elden ring

However, there is a possibility that the Colosseum could be part of a possible Elden Ring DLC. Here’s what to expect from Elden Ring’s rumored DLC!

Additionally, now that the new Elden Ring update has fixed Malenia, why not try a world record attempt? One expert player has beaten all 165 Elden Ring bosses in under 10 hours!

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