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Easy Way to Get Extra Candy in Pokemon GO Water Festival

Here’s an easy way to get extra Candy during the Pokemon GO Water Festival! This’ll help you evolve and power up your Water-type Pokemon much quicker.

Pokémon GO events are some of the very best times to catch Pokemon and earn Candy. 

During the 2022 Pokemon Go Water Festival, there will be plenty of Water-type Pokemon in the wild to catch. And while you can use Pinap Berries to get extra Candy, there is another easy method that players have been using to boost their Candy collecting for Water-types. 

This will help you evolve and power up loads of Water-type Pokemon much faster as you complete the Pokemon GO Water Festival Collection Challenge!

Pokemon GO Water Bandana

Here’s an easy way you can earn more Candy from catching Water-type Pokemon during the Water Festival!

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Mega Evolution Trick to Earn More Candy in the Pokemon GO Water Festival

A recent update made huge changes to Mega Evolution in Pokemon GO and players are using this to boost the Candy they earn in the Water Festival! 

A post on TheSilphRoad subreddit shares a very handy method on how to earn more Candy during the Water Festival. What’s more, it’s as simple as evolving certain Pokemon into their Mega Evolved forms

Pokemon GO Mega Blastoise

If you Mega Evolve Blastoise, Slowbro, or Gyarados, you will get additional Candy when catching other Water-type Pokemon as long as the Mega Evolution is active.

As most of the Pokemon you encounter during the Pokemon GO Water Festival will be Water-type, this means almost every Pokemon you catch during the event will give you extra Candy. Therefore, it is definitely worth mega evolving these Water-types if you can. 

Make sure to use this trick to get free Mega Evolutions if you don’t have enough mega energy!

Alternatively, check out our Mega Blastoise Raid guide with counters and weaknesses so you can easily defeat this difficult boss. Beating this raid will award you with Blastoise Mega Energy.

Good luck catching as many Pokemon as you can during the Water Festival, while using this easy method to get more Candy. Hopefully, this can help you evolve and power up your Water-type Pokemon!

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