There’s an easy trick to help you get Finishing Move kills in Warzone, and if you’re looking to complete a challenge quickly, here’s your answer.

Finishing Moves are one of the most stylish ways to take down your enemies in Call of Duty Warzone, but they’re not always so easy to pull off.

Whether you want to see the new animation you just unlocked, or you’ve got an in-game challenge to complete, here’s the easiest way to do a Finishing Move in Warzone:

How to do a Warzone Finishing Move

How to Get Finishing Move Kills in Warzone – Easiest Method

The easiest way to get Finishing Move kills in Warzone is to load into a game of Battle Royale and wait to be kicked out of the plane.

Then, drop to the ground and you’ll often find at least one or two AFK players to execute.

In massive 100-player lobbies, there’s usually at least one player who has gone AFK (away from keyboard) while the new match loads up.

And those players are easy targets to help you rack up Finishing Moves in Warzone with ease. After all, they will all end up in a single location due to being kicked out of the plane at the end of its path.

Simply press and hold the melee button (R3/Right Stick/V) when directly behind an enemy to execute your Finishing Move. Then sit back and watch the show!

Finishing Move in Warzone

Once you’ve finished dispatching all the enemies around you, either play out the match or simply exit the game and load in once more.

After trying this method several times, we can confirm that there tend to be at least 2 or 3 AFK players for you to target each game.

However, sometimes you’ll get unlucky, or another player will be dropping late to farm easy kills, so it may take a few games before you finish your challenge.

AFK Players in Warzone Battle Royale
AFK players at the edge of the map

The only issue is, depending on the plane’s randomly selected path at the start of a game, it’s possible that the final drop zone will land AFK users in the water. If this is the case, it’s impossible to hit them with a Finishing Move, and you’ll need to exit the game and start again.

Of course, another easy way to get Finishing Move kills is in the pre-game lobby, where some players go AFK rather than bother to engage in the death match.

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