Starfield is one of 2023’s most anticipated releases and it’s one that all gamers can get early access to up to 5 days before launch!

If you just can’t wait to get your hands on Bethesda’s space RPG (and let’s be honest, we can’t either!), there is an option to install and play early.

As with many games in recent history, Starfield has an early access period up for grabs. But you’ll need to spend a little extra cash to take advantage of the offer…

How to Get Early Access to Starfield

Starfield players can get up to 5 days of early access, beginning September 1, 2023 (or August 31 in the US) by purchasing the Premium or Constellation edition of the game.

Starfield Early Access begins in the US in .

Starfield Ship on an Alien Planet

Starfield Early Access Start Time

Starfield Early Access has a global release time of 12 AM GMT on September 1, meaning that it will actually launch in the US on August 31 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET.

Bethesda has now confirmed that the game has a single global release time on both Xbox and PC!

Here’s what time Starfield Early Access will kick off in your region:

Time ZoneRelease Time
NZT (New Zealand)12 PM (September 1)
AET (Australia)10 AM (September 1)
JST (Japan)9 AM (September 1)
CET (Europe)2 AM (September 1)
BST (UK)1 AM (September 1)
ET (East Coast US)8 PM (August 31)
CT (Central US)7 PM (August 31)
MT (Mountain Time US)6 PM (August 31)
PT (West Coast US)5 PM (August 31)

Instead of waiting for September 6, those who choose to pay a little more money will be able to access Starfield up to 5 days early by purchasing the Premium or Constellation Edition of the game.

But how much would early access set you back?

Starfield Early Access Price

Getting early access to Starfield will cost a minimum of $30 extra on your purchase of the Bethesda game.

The Standard Edition of Starfield (which offers no early access), retails for $69.99.

Comparatively, Starfield’s Premium Edition (the cheapest way to get playing on September 1) retails for a whopping $99.99.

Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade Physical

The cheapest way to get early access to the game is to purchase the Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade for $34.99 and upgrade your free version of Starfield from Xbox Game Pass.

It’s a smart move that helps you avoid a $100 price tag, but if you ever cancel your Game Pass membership you’ll have spent $35 with nothing to show for it!

Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade

Premium Edition owners also get access to Starfield’s first DLC, the Shattered Space Story Expansion, as well as a Constellation Skin Pack, Digital Artbook, and Original Soundtrack.

It’s not just the Premium Edition that grants early access to Starfield, however. The Constellation Edition of the game will also let you play on September 1, but for a much more significant price tag.

The Constellation Edition’s $299.99 RRP may get you an additional Steelbook, Constellation Patch, Credit Stick, and the amazing Chronomark Watch & Case, but it’s a steep price to pay for early access alone.

Starfield Collector's Constellation Edition

How to Play Starfield Early

To play Starfield up to 5 days early, beginning on September 1, simply purchase the Premium or Constellation Edition of the game.

Both the Digital and Physical versions of the Premium Edition will get you early access to Starfield.

And although the Standard Edition won’t release until September 6, retailers report that they’ll be selling the pricier versions of the game right from the 1st of the month.

Unfortunately, those looking to play Starfield on Xbox Game Pass will not be able to take advantage of early access unless they purchase the Premium Edition Upgrade for $34.99.

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