The FC 24 tactic, where players would use 71 depth to suffocate the other team in their own half, is set to be finally nerfed by EA Sports.

This tactic has been running wild in Ultimate Team, with players using it to win the ball back as soon as they lose it.

It was incredibly frustrating and challenging to play against, making it one of the most overpowered ways to play the game. However, the latest patch appears to address the issue.

71 Depth Tactic Nerf

EA Sports FC have nerfed the 71 depth tactic in FC 24 by:

  • Reducing sideline pressure on attackers
  • Reducing midfield congestion

This means players will be less aggressive when deploying this high-line strategy, and you will have more options to pass the ball to. This was confirmed in the Pitch Notes for the Holiday Update.

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Reduced Sideline Pressure

Reducing sideline pressure will be a significant nerf to the 71 depth tactic as it will allow more space and additional passing options than before the update.

This will make this setup much less effective. 71 depth was about limiting the passing options and making the field smaller by pushing higher up the pitch.

You will now have more players open for passes, meaning you can counter the high-press.

“When players had the ball along the sidelines, there sometimes could have been an excessive amount of pressure applied to them by the defensive team using a high line. So we have significantly reduced the amount of pressure the defensive team will apply in these situations, giving some more space for attackers to get out of tricky situations with additional passing options.”

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Jack Grealish beating the press in FC 24 and shooting

Reduced Midfield Congestion

As we said, with the sideline pressure, the 71 depth custom tactics aim is to overload certain pitch areas, making it hard to find a pass.

One of these critical areas was the midfield. Opposition players will now have less aggressive marking on central attackers, making it easier for them to receive a pass.

Creating attacking chances against those who use 71 depth will be more straightforward now.

“Players in the midfield and on the wings are now going to mark less aggressively in order to prevent over-congestion in central midfield. We expect these changes to open central areas up for a bit more passing plays and creativity.”

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