The upcoming release of EA Sports FC will feature the return of both ICONs and Heroes, and leaks have already surfaced regarding the new iconic and heroic players that will be added to the game.

These player types are in high demand for Ultimate Team. They allow players to utilize both current and historical greats in their gameplay.

All Leaked New ICONs & Heroes in EA Sports FC

FIFA fans can expect a fresh batch of ICONs and Heroes to join the roster with the latest release of EA Sports’ football game.

Exciting information about the new players that will be added has already begun to leak from reliable sources such as FIFAUTeam on Twitter.

Also, with female players set to be playable in Ultimate Team, FUT fans can expect some of the best players of the women’s game to receive ICON and Hero items.


Bobby Charlton

Known for his time with Manchester United and his heroics in the 1966 World Cup, Charlton is undoubtedly the definition of an ICON.

Expect EA Sports FC to rate his ICON item relatively high, as the Englishman is a former Balon d’Or winner.


Long-time FIFA fans will recognize Zico as he used to feature in the Classic XI squad for Kick Off. The Brazilian will return to the game as an ICON item this time.

Zico’s reputation as one of the best playmakers of all time is cemented by Pelรฉ himself, who stated that Zico was the closest player to him throughout his career.

Mia Hamm

Hamm is regarded as one of the best female players of all time. The American is a two-time Olympic Gold medalist and World Cup champion.

Pairing her up top with someone like Thierry Henry, or Ronaldo Nazario will surely bring many goals to your EA Sports FC squad.

Sun Wen

There is no confirmation on whether Sun Wen will be an ICON or a Hero, but the Chinese striker was the female player of the century in 2000. This leads us to believe she will be an ICON.

The forward is known as one of the greatest of all time, having won both the Golden Boot and Golden Ball at the 1999 Women’s World Cup. Unfortunately for her, China lost the final on penalties to the USA.


Dimitar Berbatov

Berbatov’s time in England, particularly for Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United, is what he is most known for.

He was a clinical striker with a calm and composed ability in front of the goal. His time for Bayer Leverkusen is also notable, so expect a Bundesliga item to come at some point.

If more players start to leak, we will update this list! We expect a lot more former players to appear in EA Sports FC.

According to other leaks, there is set to be a brand new traits system coming to EA Sports FC!

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