Join us as we take you through a full comparison of EA Sports FC 24 vs FIFA 23, and what you can expect from the FC franchise.

EA Sports FC 24 will be taking over the mantle when FIFA 23 ends, thus ending the FIFA video game series.

For FIFA players who have been playing the franchise for over 20 years, this is massive news, but they are left wondering if the name change is the only difference.

EA Sports FC 24 vs FIFA 23

EA Sports FC seems to have maintained its core identity compared to FIFA 23.

The shift to the fresh franchise will continue to feature an abundance of licenses from FIFA 23, along with all the beloved fan-favorite modes, and it will be accessible on the same platforms as before.

Apart from new gameplay innovations, the notable changes include:

  1. A New Cover Star
  2. An upgraded iteration of Hypermotion
  3. Enhanced Engine
EA Sports FC 24FIFA 23Difference
Cover StarErling HaalandKylian MbappéDifferent Player
HypermotionHypermotion VHypermotion 2Improved version of Hypermotion
Licenses• 19,000+ Players
• 700+ Teams
• 100+ Stadiums
30+ Leagues
• 19,000+ Players
• 700+ Teams
• 100+ Stadiums
30+ Leagues
Game EngineEnhanced Frostbite 3Frostbite 3Improved version of Frostbite 3
Platforms• Nintendo Switch
• PlayStation 4
• PlayStation 5
• PC
• Xbox One
• Xbox Series X/S
• Nintendo Switch
• PlayStation 4
• PlayStation 5
• PC
• Xbox One
• Xbox Series X/S
Game Modes• Kick Off
• Ultimate Team
• Clubs
• Career Mode – Manager & Player
• Volta
• Kick Off
• Ultimate Team
• Clubs
• Career Mode – Manager & Player
• Volta
Release DateSeptember 29, 2023September 30, 2023None. Released last Friday of September
EA FC 24 cover
EA FC 24 Ultimate Edition cover stars

EA Sports FC 24 vs FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition Pre-Order Bonuses

The pre-order bonuses between the two games for their Ultimate Edition version are similar. However, in EA FC 24, you will have 7 days of Early Access and not 3 days like FIFA 23.

Additionally, for the first time ever, Ultimate Edition owners will have access to an exclusive promotion, the Nike Ultimate Team Campaign.

EA Sports FC 24FIFA 23Difference
Early Access September 22, 2023September 30, 2023EA FC 24 has 7 days Early Access compared to FIFA 23’s 3 days.
HeroUCL or UWCL Ultimate Team HeroWorld Cup HeroNone. Players still get a campaign Hero.
4,600 FC/FIFA pointsYesYesNone. The only change is FIFA Points are now FC points.
TOTW 1 PlayerYesYesNone
Exclusive Promo Gain access to Nike Ultimate Team CampaignThere was no exclusive promo.EA FC 24 will have an exclusive promotion for Ultimate Edition owners.
Pre-Order Bonus EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 vs FIFA 23 Gameplay

In terms of gameplay, there are quite a lot of changes.

EA FC 24 is set to have an extra 5,000+ animations, and with the ability to take real-life data and implement it into the game within hours, this number is only going to rise.

Also, the acceleRATE feature has been expanded with EA FC 24 set to have more player types than ever before.

One of the biggest changes is the new PlayStyles feature. This new addition is effectively replacing traits, giving players improved stats in the areas they are known to be one of the best in real life.

EA Sports FC 24FIFA 23Difference
Signature Running Animations1,200+17Over 1,150 new signature running animations
True to Football Animations11,000+≈6,000EA FC 24 has nearly twice as many animations as FIFA 23
AcceleRATE2.01.0AcceleRATE 2.0 has more player types:
• Lengthy
• Mostly Lengthy (New)
• Controlled Lengthy (New)
• Controlled
• Controlled Explosive (New)
•Mostly Explosive (New)
• Explosive
PlayStylesYesNoFIFA 23 does not have PlayStyles.
Haaland Celebrating EA FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 vs FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

EA FC 24 and FIFA 23 Ultimate Team will largely be the same. However, in EA FC 24, female footballers are coming to Ultimate Team.

This is the first time both genders are in this mode. Additionally, you will be able to pair them up alongside their male counterparts.

Another big change is Evolutions. This feature will let you grow a lower overall player up the rating levels and turn them into a club legend.

For instance, imagine Youssoufa Moukoko has a base item of 70 Overall, by completing specific challenges, you can grow him to an 85 Overall item.

EA Sports FC 24FIFA 23Difference
Squad BattlesYesYesNone
Division RivalsYesYesNone
FUT ChampionsYesYesNone
EvolutionsYesNoFIFA 23 does not have Evolutions
Women in FUTYesNoFIFA 23 does not have Women in FUT
FC 24 Ultimate Team

EA Sports FC 24 vs FIFA 23 Pro Clubs

In EA FC 24, Pro Clubs has been renamed to “Clubs.” Furthermore, crossplay is coming to the game mode meaning players on different consoles can finally share the pitch in “Clubs.”

The Divisions system is also being overhauled, changing to one more akin to UItimate Team’s Division Rivals.

Meanwhile, the new reputation system will allow you to unlock a ton of new features for your virtual club. In FIFA 23, these unlocks were associated with your Division.

EA Sports FC 24FIFA 23Difference
CrossplayYes – Same-gen crossplay is enabled.NoClubs will now have crossplay.
DivisionsNo, a new Leagues system similar to FIFA 23’s Division Rivals will be implemented to Clubs instead.Yes, you climb the DivisionsCompletely different league system.
Club IdentityReputation system that when you grow, it allows you to unlock better AI players, bigger stadiums, cosmetics and more fansNoThere was no reputation system in FIFA 23.
EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs

EA Sports FC 24 vs FIFA 23 Career Mode

EA FC 24 Career Mode has quite a few changes.

The new Spectator Mode will give you a closer look at how your team is performing. Set up any camera angle to truly micromanage your side’s performance.

Coaches facilitate accelerated player improvement. Opt for a specialized football coach to enhance specific skills in your players and elevate their abilities in that particular aspect.

Even more Dynamic Moments are coming to EA FC 24 Career Mode. Gamers can now get cutscenes from the Ballon d’Or awards, celebrate their trophy wins with fans via a parade, and much more.

Within the Player Career Mode, Player Agents play a pivotal role in streamlining the process of securing your desired transfer. By designating a Target Team and accomplishing set Objectives, you heighten your chances of joining the club you aspire to be a part of.

EA Sports FC 24FIFA 23Difference
Spectator ModeYesNoIn EA FC 24, you will be able to spectate your side play, zooming in and out, to look at any angle of the match.
CoachesYesNoCoaches can be brought in to specifically drill a certain area. For example, a shooting coach will drastically improve your players shooting ability.
Dynamic MomentsYesYesBoth games have Dynamic Moments but EA FC 24 will include even more possibilities such as the Ballon d’Or awards and Trophy Parades.
Player AgentsYesNoChoose specific career paths with the player agent as they help you make your dream transfers.
EA FC 24 Player Career Mode
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