Following its split from FIFA, EA Sports is poised to introduce UEFA EURO 2024 to the gaming world via EA Sports FC 24, as revealed in recent leaks.

Renowned as the second-largest global international competition, the “Euros” feature the finest national teams from Europe competing for the coveted championship title.

With FIFA no longer partnered with EA, UEFA appears to have taken the reins, infusing the gaming experience with a fresh international flair. Let’s dive into these leaks.

UEFA EURO 2024 Coming to EA Sports FC 24 According to Leaks

UEFA EURO 2024 will feature in the upcoming EA Sports FC 24, according to reliable leaker ReFIFA. The data miners confirm the addition of the competition assets to the code.

Additionally, according to DonkTrading, another reputable source within the EA FC community, EURO 2024 will be within Career Mode, allowing coaches or players to get their hands on this coveted trophy.

Similar to previous World Cup DLCs, it is also a possibility that a UEFA EURO 2024 mode will release later in the EA FC 24 cycle. However, this is only speculative and based on previous EA collaborations.

It’s essential to acknowledge that although this information originates from a dependable source, the developers have not yet confirmed it.

Given their existing collaboration to bring the UEFA Champions League into the game, an extension of the partnership between UEFA and EA Sports would be no surprise.

Will UEFA EURO 2024 Be in FC 24 Ultimate Team?

UEFA EURO 2024 will feature in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, but only for promotional events. This was reported by reliable leakers FIFAUTeam.

The insider has also disclosed plans for promos akin to the Path to Glory events tailored for the upcoming tournament.

The Path to Glory promotions entails the release of unique items into packs. These items undergo upgrades dependent upon the performance of their respective nations during the tournament.

In this case, these potential EA Sports FC 24 items will upgrade based on national teams’ performances in UEFA EURO 2024.

Path to Glory is an exciting event for FC fans, intertwining the real-world game with the virtual, elevating the significance of watching these real-life matches for gamers.

It is worth noting that while this information has come from a reliable source, the developers have yet to confirm it.

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