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EA Sports Facing Potential €500k/Week Fine from Dutch Gambling Authority

The Dutch Gambling Authority has reportedly fined EA Sports for 500k/week if they refuse to remove the gambling aspect of FUT. The 500,000 euro fine has a maximum cumulative amount of 5 Million euros.

Game Developers of the ultra popular FIFA 21 have reportedly been fined by the Dutch Gambling Authority. The fine demands that the devs remove an addictive gaming element that closely resembles gambling.

The fine states that each week that EA does not meet the requirement, they must pay a fee of 500,000 euros. The maximum amount of the fine is a cumulative 5 Million euros.

It's not a new narrative, as the Dutch Gambling Authority has been lobbying against FUT practices for over two years now. In particular, the sale of digital player cards and loot boxes, also known as FUT Packs.

Potential 500k/Week FUT Fine

The acclaimed proximities to gambling are the possibilities entailed within opening FUT Packs. Packs have a chance of yielding high value players, which can then be re-sold.

The Dutch Gambling Authority states that the process is too similar to gambling. And could increase the risk of gambling addiction later in life.

To no surprise, EA has fervently denied the allegations over the years. Likening their FUT Pack opening to opening packs of physical collectors cards, which the consumers do not know exactly what they are buying.

This would have catastrophic consequences for EA Sports, as digital sales represent an important bulk of income. The FIFA game developers have since released a statement backing their stance not to alter the title.

"We do not believe that our products and services violate gambling laws in any way. We are still open to discussions with the Netherlands Gaming Authority to understand their concerns and seek solutions to address them."

In other FIFA news, the Rulebreakers promotion is rumbling along, with full predictions for the Team 2 FUT Squad. Additionally, TOTW 5 Squad Cards are now live in Ultimate Team.

Stay tuned to our FIFA tab for continuing updates to the potential fines, as well as all of your other FUT needs.

Source: Reddit u/RelativeOperation7