EA Provides Update on FIFA 20 FUT Champions Rewards Glitch

Here's when you can expect a fix for the FIFA 20 FUT Champions Rewards glitch.
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Each week in FIFA 20, players grind through 30 matches in order to get the highest rank possible in the weekend league. If you achieve more than six wins, you’ll have at least one red player pick waiting for you – but this wasn’t the case this week. A new FIFA 20 FUT Champions rewards glitch has emerged, restricting players from earning their deserved rewards.

FUT 20 Champs Player Picks Broken Bug – TOTW 16

Red picks are essentially a selection of inform players from the latest Team of the Week. However, an in-game bug is causing the normal gold version of the players to pop-up instead of informs. This issue is affecting those who rank higher more, as you will usually receive more red players picks when ranking higher.

FIFA 20 FUT Champions Rewards Glitch

EA Sports has received backlash regarding this issue, so they have thankfully provided an update on the matter. In a recent tweet, EA’s help twitter announced they are working on a resolution for this FUT Champions rewards bug.

They have since followed up on the matter, temporarily disabling player picks while they work on an issue. There’s no need to worry, however, as you will still receive your red player picks once the issue has been fixed.

How to Resolve FIFA 20 FUT Champs Rewards Bug

Although this issue appears to be a problem on EA’s behalf, it seems to be only affecting some players. Some of these suggestions might not fix the issue for you, so you’ll just have to wait until EA patches the problem.

  • Reset PS4, Xbox One, or PC and log back into FIFA
  • Make sure your FIFA 20 is updated to the latest version
  • Ensure you have also downloaded any game settings updates.

UPDATE – January 3rd:

EA has released another update on the matter. This time they explain how your account will be affected once the issue is fixed.

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