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EA Play Announced for Xbox Game Pass, Alongside New Games

Xbox continues to make huge moves as it announces a date for EA Play on Xbox Game Pass as well as new games being added.

EA Play on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass for PC are both coming this holiday season. EA Play on Game Pass will begin on November 10.

A non-specific December release date has been announced for EA Play on Game Pass for PC. Furthermore, several EA Play games will be available for Ultimate members to play via the cloud on Android devices.

Current games on EA Play for the Xbox One include:

  • Anthem
  • Battlefield V
  • The Sims 4 Console
  • Rocket Arena
  • Burnout Paradise Remastered

That is just to name a few, as several years worth of sports titles and more are available through EA Play.

The EA Play membership comes at no additional cost and will be available on next-gen consoles, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Announced Games for Xbox Game Pass

Alongside the EA Play on Game Pass dates, several new games for Game Pass have been announced:

  • Doom Eternal (Android & Console) – October 1
  • Drake Hallow (PC) – October 1
  • Brütal Legend (Console) – October 8
  • Forza Motorsport 7 (Android, Console, & PC) – October 8
  • Ikenfell (Console & PC) – October 8

Leaving Game Pass Soon

New games mean others will have to take their leave. A handful of games will be leaving the service on October 15:

  • Felix the Reaper (PC & Console)
  • Metro 2033 Redux (Console & PC)
  • Minit (Console & PC)
  • Saints Row IV Re-Elected (PC)
  • State of Mind (PC)

The Xbox Game Pass library continues to grow. Expect several new games to join both services when the new generation of consoles release.

This will surely include some Bethesda classics after Microsoft acquired the company. The Xbox maker is currently running the show and there are no signs of stopping.