EA has accidentally leaked the upcoming FIFA 23 World Cup Mode In-Game Menus and some of the modes that players will be able to play.

Earlier this year, EA announced that FIFA 23 would feature a World Cup mode to celebrate the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Now, it seems that EA has accidentally given players an early look at what the in-game menu and modes will look like.

FIFA 23 World Cup In-Game Menus & Modes Leaked By EA

Players were able to access the FIFA 23 World Cup Menus on the PlayStation 5 and get an early look at what we’d be seeing for the 2022 Qatar World Cup Mode by:

  • Starting up FIFA 23 and heading into Ultimate Team.
  • Pressing the PS Home Button.
  • From the list of options, navigating to “Multiplayer Activities.”
  • Choosing the option that said “FIFA World Cup Online Quickplays.”
The notice block that allowed you to gain access has since been removed by PlayStation and is no longer available.

This launched the FIFA 23 World Cup mode and present you with a few of the modes that players will be able to play, including:

  • FIFA World Cup Live
    • This mode will presumably let you play real-world matchups from the World Cup.
    • It will be updated as the tournament progresses.
  • FIFA World Cup Kick Off
    • Similar to the main FIFA 23 Kick-Off, but with only World Cup teams.
    • Just a simple head-to-head mode that you can play alone or with friends.
  • Online Tournament
    • This could potentially be an online tournament of the World Cup.
    • It will allow you to join players from around the world.
  • FIFA World Cup 2022
    • A single-player mode where you can choose a nation and play through their current World Cup run.
    • Gamers can also start their own custom tournament as shown below.

Although, any mention of a FIFA 23 Ultimate Team World Cup mode was missing from the menu. Despite this, FIFA 23 has already announced that FUT Heroes will be getting upgrade World Cup variations in November.