Many FIFA 23 players have been struggling to log in to the FUT Web App, but developer EA Sports is investigating the issue already.

Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in the FIFA series, and players love building their squads. Plenty of players even want to get their teams ready before the FIFA 23 release date.

The Web App for FUT 23 went live on September 21, almost a week before the full game releases.

Since then, fans of the series from all over the world have tried to log in to their accounts to get a head start on trading and team building.

However, connecting to the Web App has proved difficult for many FIFA fans. Even worse, some can’t even log in at all!

It’s not just players with Web App login issues that are unhappy though. The Advanced SBC rewards are much worse than they used to be!

Fifa Ultimate Team Web App

FUT 23 Web App Login Issue Fix Expected Soon

EA has been bombarded with reports from players who are not able to log in to the Web App so far. Fortunately, the developer has addressed the situation, stating it is investigating the issue.

Many have been greeted with a message saying, “it looks like your EA Account doesn’t have a FUT 23 Club,” while others get an error message when trying to sign in.

In response to these complaints, The FIFA Direct Communication Twitter Account said:

“We’re aware of an issue preventing some players connecting to the Web App, and we’re investigating.”

FIFA Direct Communication

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FUT 23 Web App Login Error

Even if the issue is still prevalent, it is reassuring that EA is aware of the trouble players are having logging into the FUT 23 Web App.

As the investigation has begun, we hope that EA can find the cause of the problem and fix it swiftly. Until then, you just have to keep trying to log in to the Web App!

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Once you have access to the Web App, try building one of these FIFA 23 starter teams:

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